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Google is used by more than 91% of Internet users, so it is natural to be interested and to consider it as an advertising medium through PPC (Adwords).

PS: your trust only Google partners who are certified, and can prove it with a public Google Partner account like ours.

The goal will be to move to the first page on one of the 11 positions available. There are 3 top (premium zone) and up to 8 on the right. Depending on your budget and your theme, we will favor positions that offer the best return on investment.

The objectives vary depending on your site and desired outcomes (more sales, more lead, more visibility).

To do so, there are several main types of advertisements:

The search ads network (text ads)
The ads on the Display Network Advertising Agency (textual or graphical ads)
The PLA (Product Listing Ads) to highlight your product catalog
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We take care of creating your campaigns, ad groups and ads, define the keywords. Ads are particularly important because they help you stand out from the competition. They should encourage action while remaining relevant.

To better understand your goals, you will be asked to define your campaign: campaign focusing on the benefits (increase in turnover, improved ROI) or campaign focusing on the exposure (number of clicks).

Will ensue three successive stages:

Test step: with a limited budget, this is the step that will allow us to establish profitable Adwords campaigns by comparing the costs of revenues. Once profitable campaigns, we can develop.
Development stage: Now that campaigns are altarpieces, we must attract more customers (while keeping the profitability). We will increase the budgets with your agreement to generate more clicks.
Stage of maturity: If the campaigns are profitable, the ads appear permanently and you do not reach the daily budget set in the previous step, your campaign is mature. That is to say, your daily sales fluctuate based on research and not based on your budget.

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