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images_058How to optimize a campaign Google Adwords – Part 1

Create a Google Adwords campaign only takes a few minutes, and this can quickly bring many visitors. By cons when you start talking about profitability and qualified visitors, it is more difficult to know exactly what the campaign performance and especially if its current campaign is well designed or is shaky …

That’s why we offer this folder into 2 parts, detailing how to create, optimize an service a Google Adwords campaign management strategy service.

We will take a “real” example with an existing campaign conducted to publicize a vacation rentals website in Britain This example is particularly interesting that one from a current situation with a completed campaign “amateur”, which will highlight that currently most novices on Adwords.

Nevertheless, this example will be some constraints: it will not attract as many people, but to respect a maximum / day budget. Indeed the site only 3 rentals in Brittany, supply is relatively low. In addition, vacation rentals are subject to strong seasonal (see below via Google Trends and Google Insight especially), and finally we have to take into account the filling rate rentals that will result from the campaign (eg should be used negative keywords to avoid research periods already booked, promote rents with 9 to 4 people when they are full …).

On the other hand we have another constraint as not to repeat the site (though he deserves it!). So we will spend a maximum budget 2-4 € / day between May and August (corresponding to a subscription to a site “classic” holiday rental ads) and it is only in the second part of this file we will optimize a specific landing page for Google AdWords ads. Meanwhile we will send prospects either on the home page (generic ad) or on different types of rentals according to the targeted keywords (house 4 people 9 people …), although one should not do if you really want to optimize ads (you always a home page designed specifically for Google Adwords).

Why use Google Adwords?

Before launching, here are some numbers to know about the importance of a keyword campaign:
– 30% of visits to a website listed on Google from sponsored links.
– 70% come from SEO, but among them 10% to 15% landing page mistakenly site.

We must therefore remember that the keyword search campaigns are complementary to the SEO, and should therefore use these two tools.
By cons, unlike SEO, Google Adwords Advertising Agency is an advertising medium where you have total control of text to be displayed, the page where the readers are landing …

In this case we will only address the implementation of Google Adwords ads on the pages of the results of the search engine Google, not ads displayed in google affiliate sites that display advertisements “Adsense”.

Indeed optimize Adsense ads are unique (you have to bid on generic keywords and sometimes a bit distant from its products, and build on a volume strategy). In addition it is generally less profitable to advertise on Adsense because there is a much larger fraud click.

What is Google Adwords?

It’s very simple:
– We type in a google or keywords
– We get a list of results with the right 8 commercial ties.

If there are more than 8 people positioned on these keywords, a link “More trade ties” appears. Of course if you are one of these non-displayed ads on the first page, your page views count is not taken into account. Ads that appear at the top of the search window “natural” links are called “Premium” (1-3 links), they are usually much more than other ads clicked.


Here is the general principle for the creation of a Google ad:

1- You set the keywords for which you want your ad to appear.
2- You write the ad text, with the title, two lines of description, the address of the page that appears to users and the page where they will land.
3- You set your maximum budget to spend a day and the price you are willing to pay for each click of a surfer on your link (note: if the amount is not large enough to show Google will warn you).
4- Your ad appears on Google within a few hours, with a ranking that depend on several factors:
– The amount you pay per click: the more you pay, the higher you are.
– The click rate on your ad more people click on your ad, the higher you are.
– The domain name, the keywords found on the home page, the number of inactive keywords in your ad group (note: since August 21 keywords are no longer marked as inactive, they are still ” displayable “but with very very few clicks …), the loading time of your landing page … These are appointed by the Google” Quality Score “, that is to say, the adequacy of your advertising compared Google indicators.

google adwords
– The history of your Google Adwords account: If you are an “old” client and good customer, you will be favored over a person who has opened an account.

To access the first locations, so you have to juggle several factors: pay a higher price per click, optimize landing page, offer a seller message that will trigger a higher CTR …

Watch Out! The launch of your campaign you have taken on two factors: the quality of your ad (home page, domain name …) and the amount of your bid. It was only when the campaign really that CTR will be more important. As we will see below, it will be essential to properly manage these two elements from the start of the announcement.

Here is the method that we will follow to implement our campaign Google Adwords

1 – Defining the overall structure of the Google Adwords campaigns (major themes).
2 – Choose keywords and phrases.
3 – Create ads.
4 – Implementation live in the countryside for 30 seconds to see the positioning of keywords, quality keywords, the minimum amount to bet.
5 – Consolidate more finely keywords with campaigns and groups of keywords (keywords stars …).
6 – Optimization of ads and landing pages according to the new groups.
7 – Monitoring and optimization of different campaigns.

Above all, you must create a Google Adwords account, it takes only a few seconds … Once it’s done, we can move on its optimization …

Download Google AdWords Editor.

It is essential to use Google Adwords Editor, even if you do not have thousands of keywords to manage or hundreds of campaign budget of euros. Indeed Google Adwords Editor is free and will allow you to save time in managing your campaign.

The advantages of using Google Adwords Editor are numerous:
– Be able to manage your campaigns without logging on
– To drag and drop and copy and paste keywords, ad text …
– To make automatic searches for duplicate keywords
– To import in seconds dozens of keywords
– To get a list of your campaigns anomalies (duplicate keywords where you make yourself competitive …).
– Doing changes in batches: keyword additions, deletions … with the option to cancel mishandling.
– To change the CPC on the fly for keywords by sorting according to different criteria (CPC pay, number of clicks …).
– To group similar keywords campaigns.
– To make increases as a percentage of all announcements …
– To add comments to campaigns
– Easily add multiple ads for a campaign
– To export the keywords easily to other keywords Sponsored solutions (Microsoft Ad Center, Yahoo …).
– …

Google Adwords Editor also provides very practical campaign optimization tools, such as search all keywords with very little or no click rate:

Then increase / decrease the amount automatically to bet on a percentage or an amount to make them active:

Indeed if you only use Google Adwords “on line”, it quickly becomes tedious to manually change the price of each keyword, optimize campaigns …

Google Adwords Tip: Note the changes you have made during your tests in comments … Indeed a small change can sometimes cause very important results (eg to uppercase, change the ad title …). But when you see two days after the campaign improves (or worse), you do not remember sometimes the changes you have made.

Google Adwords Tip: If you receive, and you want to send a report on your Google Adwords campaigns to a client, use the Google Adwords Editor HTML export (Change to a campaign, then right-click and choose “Export to HTML “). If by cons you need to ask a customer to change himself a campaign, choose File> “Export for sharing” so that it can access itself to his campaign.

What price to pay for a keyword?

This is a common question … However, despite it is difficult to give precise figures, we can estimate that to be in the top positions for low competitive keywords it takes a minimum of € 0.10 / click knowing generally to be well placed you have to pay between 0.15 and 0.25 € / click. For more competitive keywords (holidays, stock exchange, SEO, dating sites ….) Pay between € 1-2 is common, and for the ultra competitive keywords (Robien legislation …) the cost can sometimes reach between 4 and € 8!

In our example vacation rental website for rental in Brittany, the Cost Per Click (CPC) minimum is between € 0.04 and € 0.8, with a strong majority 0,15 €. So these are classic figures for an Adwords campaign.

However you should know that usually the budget you have set will be very different from the one you have in a few weeks / months …

Indeed you will be the effect of “miracle” Google Adwords and you invest more and more money to generate more turnover, or your ad will not attract the crowds and you will spend a small part your initial budget, your ad will attract few people and you’ll be forced to increase the amount of your auctions.

Moreover, even if your campaign generates traffic that does not mean it works well, indeed it is possible that you overpay cost per click …

Define the objective of your campaign and your breakeven point

Before embarking on the creation of the campaign, we must define what the goals of the campaign: to attract hot leads only massively collect leads, sell stocks on discount price … taking into account your seasonality (sales, periods of overactive and under activity …).

Start by thinking about what you want to do with Google Adwords, and tools you currently have to attract customers (exclusive product, special price, free guide …).

Your strategy may be to:
– Get details of leads and then recall them for sale.
– Make a sales process in 2 phases: draw with free (buying guide, White paper …) and then sell.
– Selling products directly to hot prospects.
– Bringing as many people on his site, even if the targeting is not perfect.
– To attract the people who want to buy your product to your price and let the discount price at your competitors.
– Put forward a product that will serve as a call price and then sell a more expensive product
– ….

Then you have to know how far we are willing to pay for one customer by calculating its cost (and especially its profitability). This step will set boundaries for its auctions, as we will see later, initially it will agree to invest money (and sometimes lose) then win over the medium term.

The cost of acquiring a customer = (sum of the marketing expenses / nb new customers acquired)

Advertising and marketing expenses (magazine advertising, PR …) = € 20,000
Number of customers acquired: 10000
Current acquisition cost: 20 000/10 000 = 20 €

Average customer profitability throughout its life = (average turnover of a client within 3 years) x average margin rate.
To calculate the average turnover over 3 years, calculate the average CA customers the first year, see the average turnover of the 2nd year of these clients and 3 years …
nb: 3 years it is already a good life for a client, you can consider 1, 2, 4, or 5 years if you want to project in the short or long term.

CA from a client:
– Year 1: 120 €
– Year 2 15% loss of clients and the same CA: 120 x 0.85
– Year 3 identical CA and still lost 15% of customers acquired: (120 x 0.72)
With a 30% margin = TOTAL CA 3-year € 308.4 x 0.30 = € 92.52 1 customer margin for all his life.

Please note we are talking about gross margin, but do not forget that your line will also be used to pay all fixed charges (electricity, taxes, salaries, benefits …).

We must also take into account that all prospects do not control: if, for example 1 prospect in 10 buys a product on your website, it will take 10 times more leads than customers. So 1 customer cost you 10 clicks on Google Adwords.

Nb: You can also possibly take into account orders from people who are already customers and going to google and thus re-will cost you more money …

Once this is done you will know how much you make on a client, and what are you can invest in recruiting a prospect. You can take the step of defining the keywords.

Important: With Google Adwords, the interest is that the price per click is very affordable. So you can very well do without this profitability calculation step, and directly test build tens of euros and then draw conclusions on the conversion rate, turnover generated … and to refine your real-time Google Adwords strategy.

Set the main themes of your campaigns

To get a good score for your ads you create campaigns and ad groups highly structured:


Campaign Theme 1
1A keywords Group
1B keywords Group

Campaign Theme 2
Keyword Group 2A
2B keywords Group

For example in the initial campaign, there were only 2 campaign:
– 1 for houses of 4 people.
– 1 for homes to 8 people.
With each of these campaigns dozens of keywords, including some duplicates (not to do, if you are going to compete your own advertisements), some inactive (or misplaced) at a cost almost the same for each click ads …

In this example, change this and create as many groups as there are topics:
Rent depending on number of people
– Rent 3 people
– Rentals 4 people
– Rentals 5 people
– Rentals 6 people
– Rentals 7 people
– Rent 8 people
– …
Rental in different places
– Brittany Holiday
– Finistere Rental
– Southern Finistère Rental
– Rental Fouesnant
– Beg-Meil Rental
– …

Vacation at sea
– Holiday rentals
– Rental Sea
– Beach Rental
– …

Then we will see that these main categories have to be optimized (and it will create much more), however these main themes will guide you to create your first keyword categories.

Set your catalog keywords

Depending on the purpose of your campaign (recruiting loads of hot prospects, get maximum contacts …), a catalog of key words and phrases may be between 300 (targeting strategy) or 3000 (recruitment strategy).

During your keyword research you need to use all of occurrence choice of options of keywords. Key syntaxes used when choosing your keywords for a phrase

* = Keyword your ad will appear when those keywords are displayed, regardless of the order, the number …
* [Keyword] = your ad will appear only when those keywords are typed in the correct order, and if nothing else has been typed by the user.
* “Keyword” = your ad will appear if keywords typed in by the user there are words in the same order (in combination or not with other keywords).
* -word Key = excluded research with that keyword (note: you can combine with [] and “”).

Note that since July 2010 a new search option is available, the + or modifier Large Queries.

The “+” allows to require the presence of a keyword (the one with the + in front) or exactly or approximately (ie close variants as the main name misspellings, plurals … but not synonyms) to display advertising with keywords or phrases right after.

This allows you to get a lot more advertising displays, without the need for ultra-targeted phrases.

google adwords search
Google Adwords Tip: contrary to what one might think, the accents are included in Google Adwords. The term “rental house in August” and “rental house in August” show different ads. As against the punctuation (the “‘” “” …) and capitalization are not taken into account. Similarly, the upper and lower case are taken into account.

Now here’s how to build your keyword list:

Step 1: Create a primary catalog with the most common keywords.

This step (which can be long) is essential for the success of your campaigns, we must prepare well:
– List the names, adjectives, properties, benefits, problems solved … for your products.
– Brainstorm with your business, the hot line, technical service … to know the words used by customers to describe your products and they meet the needs and the problems they solve.
– Take a ride in specialized forums to list the top keywords used by your target (we will see later that Google Adwords allows you to explore the sites to get the keywords used).
– List the keywords used by your competitors on their website: view the source of their HTML page (View> Source in Firefox) and look at the Title tags, keywords …
– Make a retrieval of words typed into the search engine of your website (if you have one), or in your Google Analytics statistics. It is even possible to make an Export results in CSV format for integration into your Google Adwords campaigns and thus avoid tedious copy / paste. Just show all keywords, then choose Export (nb: Google Analytics exports that you view on the screen, so remember to display 500 keywords, and if necessary to repeat this on each statistics page …).

– Ask your customers and prospects what they call your products, they would have typed into a search engine to find your products …
– List synonyms for your products and profits made (see our article on creating brand name).
– List the name of your product (your brand), composition (if specific), their nicknames, generic terms, company names …
– …

For example, in the case of research primary keyword was limited to a simple brainstorming, without searching keywords from the holiday competing sites or synonymous terms like “vacation rentals” ( eg there was no word on key “house” then that is a word that was used by tenants and on websites) …

Google Adwords Tip: If you have not Google Analytics and you want to know what were the keywords used by your visitors into Google to land on your website just install the Google search engine on your site ( via Google Adsense).

NB: Regarding Trademarks, check with your supplier if you have the right to use them. In fact more and more manufacturers forbid the use of their brands to certain distributors who make their competition … If your side you see a competitor uses your brand as a keyword, you must first send an email warning to the company that fraudulently uses your brand (and if no answer registered mail). If this does not work, you can simply send an email to Google Adwords with proof of your trademark filing and, if you have found (key word in question, the announcement, the URL of the fraudster …) and limiting the right of use of the mark (all users or grant a limited number of distributors). For more information see our article on the fraudulent use of the word emailing.

Google Adwords Tip: It is very interesting to have domain names with their main keywords (even .eu, .net …). Because it increases the quality score his announcement, and the more it will display in the announcement of additional keywords in bold. For example we also bought the keyword “” to target those ads.
Ideally it is necessary to supplement the SEO on the most searched keywords, creating specific content pages on these keywords in your website and / or optimize your existing pages.

To find out which are the most important keywords, just use Google Insight for Search. In a few tens of minutes you are able to identify what are the most important keywords and that will require a purchase of domain name or be grouped together in a particular campaign.

For example, in the case of we can see what are the keywords with the most important research volumes:


We can see that the keyword “rental Brittany” is a ring keyword (peak demand from May to July) and that the most important keyword is “location Brittany,” while the keywords “brittany locations” and “Holiday rental Brittany” are little searched keywords.


At the regional level, we can see that it is in Britain that the keyword is the most requested and Normandy and Pays de la Loire. It is therefore the neighboring regions that are most asylum rentals.

By cons, we must be careful to analyze these figures in relation to your market. For example, in the vacation rental site, it is in fact very few customers come from Britain. The majority of clients are from other regions. It will therefore take account of these regions in the negative keywords and targeting (we will see this in the last step).

Also Google Insight for search suggests additional keywords for your campaign. Of course you can include in your list now because these are keywords with a lot of research, but we will see later that there is a more powerful tool for increasing your keyword list.

Finally on using google insight, the number of search per month is information that may be of interest to evaluate the potential of clicks certain keywords from each other: if an expression is highly sought (thousands / months), you should expect to be very many clicks (and therefore a big budget) or make filters for displays on targeted expressions (see below).

Google Adwords Help: To quickly see if a keyword is very competitive just type it into the Google search engine to see how much there is to PPC ads … If there are less than 5 ads on the first page is a little competitive keyword, if there is 2 pages of ads it is a difficult keyword … and more than 20 Adwords advertising you can be sure he’ll have to pay dearly departing …

Step 2: Increase the number of your keywords through Google Keyword Tool.

Once you have your initial list (at least a hundred words and phrases), you must use the keyword tools like the Google Keyword Tool to detect key words derived from your master list.

Since November, a second tool “Google Keyword Tool Search Base” which is totally independent and more convenient, is available.

Here are other tools of additional keyword suggestions:
– Http://
– Http://
– Seobook
– Http:// (irrelevant for French words)
– The list of 20 tools to generate keywords by Vincent Abry
– …

Nb: do not forget to check synonyms in keywords generators.

The advantage is that these tools give you the estimated volumes for each keyword searches (unless it is a search that is almost never typed) and a long list of keyword suggestions (you can add a few seconds).

In any case, all these tools will save you a lot of work and so you will be sure not to pass through the main keywords of the market. We must identify all keywords “stars” (those who are highly sought) to process from the start apart from other via a dedicated group of ads (in our case it will be “location Brittany”).

To know the potential of each keyword, you can use the Google Traffic Estimator. This allows you to estimate the budget you have to pay the minimum.


In this example, we can see that for these three keywords “accommodation Britain” [Holiday rentals Brittany] rental and Britain, it comes at a cost of € 0.15 per click to be in the top positions … This information is interesting, but we will see later how to decide the amount to be paid during the initial set-up of the campaign.


This tool also allows the automatic generation of additional keywords to add to his campaigns.
To do this, simply take its first list of keywords, to extract the main keywords to generate additional keywords related.
What is interesting is to have the approximate volume of searches for those keywords, and so what are the interesting keywords. For keywords with a HUGE amount of research, it is essential to create specific ad groups to manage them separately.

In our example, we create a specific group for “Brittany Holiday” that will include the keywords “rent Britain” and “rentals Britain” because it is the strategic Tags: what are the most searched keywords while being targeted . Other keywords are being too small in terms of research, either too generic.

This tool also gives you a good idea of ​​what you will eventually pay (if you have a budget of 200 € / month, you can see what would eventually amount to pay for the spending budget).

This tool also allows you to see competition on different keywords, identifying those with less competition, which will give you a better positioning for a lower cost (ie “rent flat Brittany” is a word key with more research than “holiday villa Brittany” and with a lower level of competition).

What is interesting is to add in seconds keyword phrase or exact terms (see below), and be able to add 1-click your various Google Adwords campaigns.

Google Adwords Tip: It is essential to remember that these are the most searched keywords that generate the most queries. It is therefore essential to be visible for those keywords high volume, otherwise you may get too few clicks per day (within search traffic).

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