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It is called many things – external link, text link ads, backlink, link earning … – but the backlink services we offer provide authority and value to industry influencers. It is generally obtained by means of a link exchange. But what is the real importance of the link back on SEO and how to develop an effective and profitable backlink campaign?

Importance of Backlinks

Backlink Services provide search engines cues of the considerable importance  of your content . The backlinks are crucial in the indexing and ranking of sites in the results of search engines. In the field of SEO, they are indicators of popularity (Pagerank) and the undeniable effect of a vote that would be done for the publisher of a website.
The back links are also very beneficial to increase the number of direct visits and attract traffic to a site. Note, however, that the amount of inbound links is not the only factor that affects the positioning of a site. Their quality also has a great influence.

Netlinking: quantitative vs qualitative approach Approach

Initially, it is rather the quantitative approach that was favored by the search engines for backlink. Now the engines tend, increasingly, to further enhance the qualitative approach (especially with the change in the Google algorithm called “Google Penguin”).
There are a lot of elements that are used to judge the value of a backlink:– Its presence on a high quality site,– Its presence on a site that deals with a similar topic to target website,

– Its location on a page,

– How it is encoded (the hard link is preferable)

– How it is written (anchor text and integration of keywords)


These factors must be taken into account in the establishment of a netlinking campaign in order to ensure its success.

The backlink campaign

Our link building company will craft a a campaign that is based on building partnerships between sites through merit based link exchanges back to increase audience and increase the popularity of its site. To do this, a preparation is required. It goes through a tracking and analysis phase of free website builder (good popularity and complementary thematic), a handshake phase and recovery of targeted potential partners and the establishment of trade links.
Registration for directories, forums, writing press releases, making posts on social networks … are also part of the sources of links to include in a link building strategy.Want to set up an effective backlink campaign with and expert a building backlinks?
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