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Measuring is knowing, of which we are centuries informed. Especially online, you have the opportunity to really measure everything from the time spent by a visitor on your page to the links he or she then clicks to reach a purchase. Google Analytics allows you to track such information and on that basis then make adjustments to your website, for example, to optimize pages or add new features.

Do you use Google Adwords or secure on-page optimization of your website? Then Google Analytics is an essential package, which gives you the opportunity to examine how to perform certain campaigns or optimization ensures that you will actually find better and you manage to attract more visitors. This offers include the ability to present the results to management, or to keep for yourself how the investments actually produce something. With Google Analytics you can see what influences have some on-page optimization, without thereby having to start from assumptions.

Page views and visitors
Google Analytics is very easy to put together and can therefore offer some simple statistics. If you are purely curious about how many people visit your website, or how many pages they click when they visit your website? Google keeps it neatly when you Google Analytics install correctly on your website, using the special code that you can generate. Then apply for example, has multiple internal links and see whether this will affect the number of pages that visitors click on average.

Please note that these are simple statistics, based on which it is also difficult to draw conclusions about the quality of your website and the impact on your sales. Nevertheless, on the other hand, remains that the order for your findability and any Adwords campaigns is interesting to examine how the number of visits and visitors change when you insert here more time and money. Use Google Analytics then to determine where these visitors are coming from (source) and how they move about the site (traffic).

Sales, downloads or video views
Do you use your website to present your services and sell them eventually, or you have a particular document or program on the website and try to ensure that visitors download it? It is interesting to examine how visitors actually decide to do a particular application, purchase or download. This increases when you adjust certain content, or change it if you place an additional link to a particular page? These are things that you can keep using Google Adwords or Analytics.

You can also view the number of views of particular pages or videos, so you can start enjoying the most popularity after. Use this include to ascertain what subjects play with your audience and what titles are to get the best they apparently about to click on a particular page. You can either use A / B testing, but you can also reduce the average traffic to keep a page in the holes and hypotheses drawing based on the data like you who has managed to generate over time.

A / B testing
At the moment you have the impression that certain subjects and titles do well, whether you think adding links on the pages to ensure that visitors eventually will click and will make a request, it is wise to set up a test for this . Set your hypothesis and use an A / B testing, in order to verify the hypothesis does seem to be true. You can set up the test in Google Analytics in a simple way. Google speaks now of ‘experiment’, which allows you the opportunity to determine which pages and sections of pages have the best result in a conversion.

The term A / B testing is used the most because a version A to version B test to determine which leads to the best results. You can check that way if your hypothesis proves to be correct. Google will make a suggestion in view of the duration of the test, so that you can run these long enough to arrive at a reliable result. It is on this basis than possible to do a uitspaak about the ideal structure or layout of your website. Continuously test new components to optimize your website.

E-Commerce Analysis
Are you active in a shop or you have a shop where visitors can make applications, or download files? Then it is very interesting to use Google Analytics, to thus increase sales. Have you ever thought about the appearance of the shopping cart, the steps to take visitors serve to finally settle and any bottlenecks where they can face? These are important insights for the purpose of your website, from which you can optimize the shop.

Make sure Google Analytics sure you know which products are most popular, but moreover check how the website can give the best shape and what deters visitors, or what is on the other side for just causes them to make additional orders or come back to the website. Within the e-commerce Google Analytics is a powerful tool that lets you see how your website can organize optimally. Measuring is knowing, allowing you to take decisions based on the results and you can get a bit further increase the turnover of your website or web shop.

Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool for website owners to see how many visitors they have on the site and which pages are viewed. This is important if you want to know what to do to improve your site. It is important to see if the website achieves its objectives. Google Analytics is a powerful tool for website owners, web designers and marketers who want to improve the result of the website.

For the correct visitor measurement by Analytics, it is necessary that the code is installed in the correct way. This installation is normally carried out by the website builder. The website builder is responsible for the code of the website so you would expect that this is not a problem. In our experience with more than 20 different website builders apparent every time that the placing of a standard piece of code is a challenge. The instructions for installing the Google Analytics code created by Google are pretty clear and straightforward. However, the programmers at Google want to change it every now and then. Google does not stand still and improve the code and where it should be placed in the website.

Some Search Engine Marketing Agency’s request in 1500 euros or more to install the Google Analytics code (note, they do not themselves. They advise the web builder) We always have this “free” done as part of our service. As it so often takes effort to get it right, we also consider going to ask money. While it is so simple.

Google Analytics

The latest version of the code is the asynchronous javascript code to be placed before the tag. explanation:
The advantage of this code is that it is loaded asynchoon allowing the user should experience no delay in loading the page.

General rules for the commissioning of the code:
– The code must be placed AS IS. So do not be stubborn and change things.
– The code MUST at the site indicating google, yes, he also works in other places but you get unexpected problems later

Testing whether the Google Analytics code works:

When you log into Google Analytics you can see if you receive data. That looks like this:

Google Analytics Installation and Checking

Google Analytics Installation and Checking
This is a nice start test. That means you receive data that you do not receive the correct data. We have customers experienced where it was OK but who:

Paid saw traffic as organic SEO traffic
Paid traffic partly as organic traffic
Only the movement of a portion of the site showed
No advanced features (site speed) supported
Test whether Google Analytics works well in ADVANCE:

Because some websites filled with Javascript sit and other reasons why the Analytics code less work Google has released a tool. This tool is especially suitable for website builders and people who know the code more than average. It is a tool to check Google Analytics. Other javascript also occurs but this is not the appropriate tool (June 2012)

The plugin is currently only suitable in Google Chrome and can be installed from here.
Then you have to activate it by putting it in the top right corner Analytics icon ON. Reload the page and clicking Ctrl-Shift-J.

If the code looks good, it looks like the following example
Check Chrome Google Analytics Plugin
If it does not look. Look at your code (NOT like you’ve uploaded it, but as the browser sees it. So CTRL-U in firefox and chrome). If you have any questions let us know! If you have any additions and improvements have too!