Content Strategy: structure in your online marketing with a solid model.

In a content strategy you adopt the strategic choices you lay brings implemented through content marketing. Content marketing is the means, content strategy the reasoning. The biggest challenge is to create a structure so your choices are clear, measurable and communicable.

For publishers, content strategy everyday.

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For publishers,  a content strategy is the most normal thing in the world. It hit directly the core of their business: target their brand (s) bind through relevant content for these groups. Because that’s what matters in the end, those long-term relationships. For marketing and communications professionals, content is usually not a strategic asset but a piece of ‘stuffing’ in the campaign. A successful content strategy demands a mind shift in this field. The pyramid model that is introduced on this page aims to stop the campaign but rather to put the central strategy in creating a marketing plan for content. Eventually it at a ‘normal’ marketing is not about resources but about the choices.

Content Strategy for Marketing & PR

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Pyramid Model for Content Strategy

More about my model, you can read the white paper content strategy (free download, PDF).

Book on content strategy

How do you keep control of your content marketing activities? And when content is so important, why does not the content thread in your marketing strategy? Content Strategy for the Web is there further, and answers questions like:

why content strategy?

Why define a content strategy?

The realization dawns that sharing interesting content, including third parties, have a positive impact on the number of people you put on social networks, the interaction with those networks and the brand valuation. Now the step must be taken to ensure that shared content is not random but shared content and commentary supports merkboodchap. The pyramid model, I hope a first step in that direction by providing a framework for formulating your content strategy in global lines. It is a starting point for the steps that you can still within the organization and even to make to find a workable plan on the basis of this document. I hope to excite you in a different way to make watching content.

Eventually leads a content strategy you to the basics of marketing: target audience, message, channel, relevance. All the usual suspects that you need to develop a marketing strategy. The emphasis on structure is mainly because these are often lacking and I to colleagues in the field note that there is an urgent need for a method to keep control over the content that goes “out”. The method is only the first step, a way to let you know with glasses for a (probably) look new phenomenon. It is much new under the sun? No, it simply goes back to the core. But sometimes that is just the boost you need.

Article by topic

Discussions are no longer within one channel. One pieces from different types of media information and increasing. That means that you can publish an article and just over there to monitor the reactions but will follow a topic. For your content strategy has the consequence that you should think multimedia, for example by assuring that your page is properly optimized to be shared on a social network like Facebook. The challenge is to ensure that the story you are telling all media (paid, owned and earned) remains the same.

3 Tips for developing your content strategy

If I can give you three things, let it be these three:

1. Put your content strategy stuck somewhere

Through your content strategy to unsubscribe force yourself to be specific, to make choices. These choices make advance creates clarity and tranquility in your daily work.

2. Make your content strategy measurable.
Try to measure the results of your content marketing efforts. The tools for this are diverse, from baseline to web analytics with bronze accreditation.

3. Choose a method that suits you.
Use the pyramid model as a method, make or choose another path. The model is there to help you, but you do not stare blindly but only on there and expands as needed.

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“Put money in content, not Google.”

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