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Weaving the threads of a multitude of trade relations by giving to each customer the feeling of being the only really important to us!

Our service and CRM software will turn your wish into reality.
Customer satisfaction is an essential priority for each company successful.

Nowadays, in fact, not be able to meet the needs of a customer, equivalent to automatically lose many others.

We live in an era when, as is the concept of commerce has embraced much wider markets of metropolitan areas in which they have found the location, even the exchange of opinions among consumers have adjusted.

If before then asked council to neighbor, friend or relative rather than round, today the company reviews and experiences of consumers traveling on the web and get negative feedback from a user on the network, can comprometter an appointment conquered with so much effort, obfuscating the corporate image in the eyes of many potential customers.

A risk that you can not run, it is essential to protect their brand reputation, offering the customer exactly what they are looking … more!

This requires an excellent business management, coordination of team work and impeccable knowledge of the target market unrivaled.

Impossible? Not for our Seo Web Agency!

Uan Web is able to guarantee all this by offering a service CRM (Customer Relationship Management) implemented through the use of latest generation software, specifically designed to allow you to follow the management of the client from the approach to the conclusion of the sale, up to ‘after sales service.

Showing interest and attention to the needs of your customers and taking care of every aspect of management of business relationships, we will enable you to enhance your brand and increase your competitiveness in the market of interest.
Foursquare: web marketing is reflected in the fact

Social networks, are great business tools can enhance your virtual image, Foursquare it did more: he made it even closer to the two parallel worlds, finding a valid point of commercial contact between virtual and real.

How does Foursquare?

The concept of this geo social exploits the location function of your smartphone and the Android operating system and uses it to enable its users to express comments on businesses in the various cities. In the face of an assessment also provides the user to take advantage of the promotion (special) proposed by the operator.

After being born and having found his success in America, today Foursquare is slowly conquering European countries and now has a large number of subscribers.

What is the secret that is marking the success of Foursquare?

Surely the mobile phenomenon has been of fundamental importance for the expansion of this social.

Born as a means of communication used by the mass to let your friends know your position and transform a virtual contact in a real encounter. A technological method for relating to others that, in recent years are taking a significant importance in terms of web marketing. In this sense, it is reflecting also in seo fulfilling the function of driving force for geo-positioning.

Foursquare in web marketing

From the commercial point of view, this new social exploits the continuing need of consumers to compare the net searching the web the right confirmations they need before making a purchase. Relying on this proven need and connecting it to the growing popularity of the mobile phenomenon, has created an infallible marketing strategy, but … web marketing!

All you have to do is create your profile on the map and enter the venue, which is the business that you want to insert on Foursquare.

This way you will start to manage your virtual reality, creating business proposals advantageous and exclusive promotional offers. A great opportunity for users of Foursquare, to be eligible for the promotion, they will refrain from travel to your store and run the check-in sharing it with their contacts on Facebook and Twitter. Then leave a comment (feedback) on your business. At that point the way to success is marked, any other user, in fact, that you will find wandering near your store can not resist the temptation to take advantage of the promotion, especially if it is a promotion (in technical terms “a special”) tempting.

The goal is to accumulate (as manager of the venue), the most check-in, as this data, viewable from your profile, witness the growing awareness of your brand among Internet users. A sort of tam tam metropolitan, that of virtual dressing, advertise for free your commercial operation with honest feedback and disinterested.

The approach to customer loyalty

But Foursquare offers even more. With statistics that allow the operator to know the users who have checked in sharing it on Twitter with your contacts, in fact, offers the opportunity to build customer loyalty, by contacting the famous social to hand him your sincere thanks and perhaps reserving an additional promotion, thus spurring him to come back to visit you.

The power of the mobile connection in terms of commercial success

You want proof of the potential of this geo social networks? We propose in the American version, a video from 24 minutes in the original version, (part of the presentation of the engineer Blake Shaw, published in March 2012 by and that shows in an absolutely blatant social phenomenon which can triggers the opening of a new business establishment. Nell’accezione specification is a new Coffee Shop: La Colombe!

The connection nodes (whose circumference varies according to the extent of its network of contacts) that light up with celestial represent the check-in. Admire as multiply as the tam tam Virtual winds through the streets of Manhattan … telematics.

A phenomenon of epochal dimensions, which soon could produce the same effects in Italy. Seize the first opportunity offered by the network, it is essential!

From social game virtual to real marketing strategy, provides valuable irreplaceable means of approach to customer loyalty, that’s why our Seo Web Agency proposes the creation of your Foursquare profile.

Because it is precisely through the streets of your town that lie the real potential of your business, is among the dense web of plots that are home the best opportunities for the business and is the inexhaustible source Web Uan able to satisfy your thirst for success.

mmerce: shopping is done online

The e-commerce is, for small and medium-sized enterprises, a good opportunity to escape the powerful grip of recession. Important opportunity to export their products beyond the limiting city walls, gaining new market shares and granting the opportunity to access new sales markets otherwise unattainable.

However, despite the electronic commerce encompasses in itself a series of ‘many advantages, this innovative sales technique has taken off only in the last few years.

Initially, in fact, the e-commerce was seen as an exclusive competence of big corporations.

A Phoenix website marketing strategy from which small business owners are kept at a safe distance.

Today, however, the incessant economic crisis has also pushed the small trader to abandon the ballast that kept him tied to the traditional concept of trade and to pull up the anchor to sail to new shores.

A journey in search of a viable alternative escape route, allowing him a dignified survival.

If this transhumance trade has on the one hand allowed to e-commerce to see recognized their potential, the other has generated a real race to conquer the web!

E-shops have flooded the network and today it is difficult to stand out among the crowd.

The virtual world is a great car commercial, but to start with the right gear is essential to avoid improvisations preferring to these, the support professional seo consultants can provide to your business what it needs: visibility and credibility.

Objective # 1: Visibility

The visibility is achieved by pursuing one goal: positioning on search engines.

Mission impossible is to enter into the good graces of the search engines, climbing the infamous Google SERP.

To make it understandable to non-experts, the importance of positioning on the search engines, it may be convenient to use a nice metaphor.

Imagine the web, like a real jungle inhabited by a thousand insidious threats, including the most dangerous are represented by the continuous evolution of the algorithms and in which, the first page of google (so visibility) is the goal to achieve to win salvation.

The only way to get out alive from this jungle is to rely on the expertise of a local guide, who is able to draw on the map the best route to go. The shortest way to ensure adequate protection, you will achieve your goal.

Uan Web is a web agency composed of highly trained SEO Consultants, who have made the web their home, studying every new algorithm and redesigning the way to any change.

Our consultants will take your hand, leading your business to success and making digital gift of coveted visibility.

Objective # 2: Credibility

Achieve a good position equivalent to ensure a greater number of visits.

But once visitors enter in your new store the dual objective is to be pursued:

minimize the bounce rate (visitors, but did not find what they need, are limited to the display of the home page and then leave the site in less than no time);
maximize conversion rate (number of visitors that turn into customers).

Basically, the main purpose is to convert visitors into customers, and this is achieved by teasing the visitor’s interest, spurring him to visit more pages possible to browse the various proposals and finally to buy the products.

The phenomenon of conversion, which in the traditional trade is facilitated by the possibility that the customer, to see and touch the product for sale in commerce must be induced.

To do this you use the persuasive writing.

Our good copywriting service will help you gain the trust of your potential customers, producing a series of persuasive texts aimed at disseminating your business and allow the customer to appreciate the virtues of your products without seeing them “live”, encouraging them so to make the purchase.

Do not wait.

The future of business is the web, the success of your e-commerce is in Uan Web.

Other Services Internet Web UAN:
Google+: social signed Google

Why is it important for a company to have a business page on Google Plus social? Simple, because in terms Seo, this offers a service optimized for your organic ranking on Google search engine.

Basically, choose Google+ means playing at home!

Google+ is the social network official Google and, in terms of return on image offers companies the advantages very interesting.

Google Plus and SEO optimization
We start from the most important point: the optimization of your site on search engines.
In these terms, it is known that when a user searches for a topic on Google, by using certain keywords, get in the first place, the results that have been shared on Google Plus by users belonging to their circles.

This phenomenon, already revealed enough influence seo and social pressure that this can give your business.

Google plus is therefore a fast track that will allow you to run the conquest of the Google SERP.

That’s why it’s so important to create a company account in Google plus and that’s why it is important to also make a connection with your website. Also the best choice would be to provide on its corporate website, an icon of sharing, to enable its users to share content deemed interesting on their respective profiles Google +.

In terms of organic positioning geo addition, Google offers the ability to integrate in your profile Google Plus, the card Google Places and then allows this operation to make visible to your circles the feedback received from customers.

Google Plus: effect guaranteed Buzz

Another advantage of this by the formidable potential social seo, is the ability to send out their messages not only users listed in their own circles, but users are not present in your business sphere, but incorporated in the circles of your links.

This detail, coupled with the sharing of high-quality content, can produce an effect “Buzz” by epochal dimensions, thus ensuring a niche place in the top results of Google.

Optimization of the target audience

Do not underestimate the opportunity finally, to categorize the contacts in different circles. In this way, in fact, you can divide their users, for example according to the different production lines which they are interested.

With a good dose of perseverance and dedication, you can optimize your shares, destinandole only to certain circles really interested in the specific topic at that moment you’re sharing or spread radially message, involving all your connections and their related social extensions.

What can we do for you?

Our Seo Web Agency, can create your business page on Google Plus, optimize and provide to execute any appropriate to facilitate the use of multimedia tool. Your commitment will be to maintain the active page, updating it constantly and sharing quality content.

Time is money

If what you are missing to cure your business page finally, is the time factor, Uan Web will guarantee excellent results, taking care personally of content sharing.

Do not set limits to your web marketing strategies, Google Plus offers you the chance to fly to conquer the web, our agency web v’indicherĂ  the best path to follow to achieve the goal.

Uan Web: we trace the lines of your business success … follow our path and not go wrong.

Other Services Internet Web UAN:

Web Design: your website to measure customer

Web design is an essential aspect in web marketing, an important detail which can not be ignored in order to succeed.

Do not consider the aesthetic care of the website, merely kept up only the functionality, in fact, would like to have a nice villa in the center, connected to all services but … empty!

What do you propose the Web Agency Web Uan?

Web Design winner, perfect functionality and content enriched by techniques of persuasive writing: this is the combination suited to make the web the best accommodation for thousands of companies that are currently compensating for the recession.
Our Seo Web Agency not only has all the elements necessary to give rise to your success, but is able to fuse them and mix them in an original, clever and irresistibly unique!

In fact, it may not be so hard to find a good web designer and a copywriter winning, but if it is true what is said above, it is equally true that it is almost impossible to find a web designer and a copywriting service that are able to work together in a symbiotic , merging and completing each other’s work.

Well in Uan Web this happens every day!

Our team consists of a strong team of highly trained professionals, who daily works and collaborates with passion, to realize your virtual home.

The dynamic detail that gives movement to your website, the refined combination of colors, the nuance that makes the difference, the passion that shines harmonic from every page.

These are the elements that will mark your new company website.

A triumph of refined elegance that will be the wise background texts creative, unique and persuasive that we will create especially for you.

Our wonderful job consists of a thousand pieces, each of them is scanned, processed, molded and fused with its neighbors, to give the final result a website crisp, functional, optimized and web design irresistible!

Needless to look elsewhere, only the close-knit team of Uan Web will ensure your website that you dream, you just have to choose our high quality.
Archseer: the voice of the trade

Do you want to sponsor your event commercial giving it epochal dimensions?

Do you want to emerge from giving you a promotional sponsorship curated by real professionals?

Archseer is a really useful service for unlimited amount of companies, members of the public or private sector, forever in search of an advertising tool capable of attracting the attention of more consumers.

Our Web Agency is able to make the phone ring fixed to all users connected to the fixed telephone network, spreading within hours an advertisement unique, persuasive and functional!

The advertising system Archseer does not make use of telephone operators, and this translates into a substantial economic savings.

The announcement about your sale, your corporate event, your promotional sale, is awarded to the familiar voice of some professional speakers who will deal with registration of the advertising message. Later, the advanced computer system will contact the various telephone users with a fixed location, referring to a specific local area and with the sound of trills phone will spread your promotional message like wildfire.

A unique system of its kind that is finally able to provide businesses that need a local sponsorship, an advertising service of a warmer and more professional email and a phone call with operator.

What are the Advantages of Archseer?

Surely this innovative system will allow you to:

consolidate your presence in the local community in which you operate;
reach in a few hours a large number of potential customers interested in your event or your promotion;
a significant cost reduction due to the total autonomy of the promotional system that allows you to do without the telephone operators.

Message studied ad hoc and persuasiveness by the speaker, complete the picture, marking the success of your initiative!

Archseer the perfect tool for the business owner who does not want to make mistakes, the magic formula that commercial transmuted your event in promoting the area more attractive!

Request our service is to put their sponsorship in the most experienced hands, the safest, the most professional. The only ones that can ensure the success of your business initiative.

Uan Web: commercial promotion are looking for is in our hands.

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