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Tired of buring money with Adwords?

  • Your AdWords costs are too high compared to sales?
  • Your click through rates are very high and your account is not very profitable?
  • Some keywords are inactive and have a much too high bid on the first page?
  • Although you pay a lot of clicks, see your ads themselves but rarely or never?
  • You have a lot of clicks and traffic to your website, but far too little requests or even sales?

The great advantage of “sponsored links” with Google AdWords is that you only pay for the advertising, if your ad is clicked. The establishment of an AdWords account is quick and easy: just enter a few search phrases, combined with a display and off you go …

Disillusionment follows most rapidly: Unless you’re a market niche, but are in competition with many other sites, are paid for each click on your Google AdWords ad is often a lot of money. Up from the expensive visitors finally buys time of your product or service requests, you have already spent a lot of money.

If one of the above statements also apply to your Google AdWords account? Your account needs to be optimized, but you lack the time to experiment?

Then let your AdWords account but optimize from specialists. Since 1996 we have been successfully active in internet marketing and Google as Google AdWords certified professionals, ensuring the professional and efficient organization of campaigns with Google AdWords for you …

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Scope of Google AdWords campaign optimization:

Analysis & optimization for your existing account by an Adwords Expert or optimized setting up your new AdWords account
Planning & creating campaigns on the basis of relevance to your business Searches
In Befarf we structure your Google AdWords account so that your budget is used optimally
Targeted control of your campaigns “sharpens” ongoing traffic to avoid unprofitable clicks and maximize the profit of your AdWords advertising. How this might look, we show you with real numbers in a case study for optimization success after 6 months.
We create together unerring ads to (ie purchases, inquiries, leads) to obtain a high conversion rate
We test with A / B split testing, purchase your ads more relevant and improve your CTR and the AdWords Quality Score
If necessary, we test and optimize also actively buying relevance and landing page quality of your landing page. So we reduce click costs and increase your conversion rate to make more visitors into customers. A simple example shows, may be the influence of the landing page quality score as tall and what effect an optimization
Continuous search for new, relevant and possibly also less known search terms based on the real served searches
Optional integration of Google Analytics in your account. So we let the evaluations of AdWords campaigns, the landing page analysis and results of the funnel navigation flow directly into your AdWords Campaign Management
So you waste monitoring and optimization of the budget your money not for unqualified clicks and costly wastage
Care after the two-man rule, in order to minimize the likelihood of errors or missed opportunities

So your Adwords budget from month to month is used more accurate.

Further details on the care of your AdWords account, see the FAQ.

This benefits you get from us at a fixed price! For budget-related fees are often confronted with the reality only little, since there are many reasons why to high costs in small manageable AdWords accounts themselves. Our Prices therefore depend on the actual and reasonable expenses, which are necessary for the well-crafted care of your AdWords account.

Price: from 99, – € for the (monthly) optimization and support of your
Google AdWords account, AdWords Controlling / premium service from 149, – €

Fair Play: No setup fee, monthly termination,
no budget dependent fees!

You need to care for your fair locally oriented advertising with Google AdWords Experts, which is adapted to the low advertising costs? In this case, we can support you.

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They want to know immediately what could be optimized to your Google AdWords account? Then call us now equal.

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Certified Google AdWords Partner

All Accounts Manager of our Google AdWords Agency are qualified and certified by Google AdWords experts.
Fair fixed prices
terminated at any time
reputable optimization.
“Thanks to your professional work, we were able to very quickly reduce our advertising costs in Google AdWords and dramatic win with a targeted campaign many customers. Without much time and money This was possible! Especially gratifying, we would like to mention the uncomplicated cooperation.”

Pay per click management company‘s has hit the bull’s eye – at last we be found by potential customers! Orders through our webshop have multiplied since. These displays are really worth the money!

Thank you – also for the kind support and rapid implementation of our wishes! Great service – keep it up! “

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