search-engine-optimization-serviceDefinition Online Marketing
The term online marketing is meant by definition all marketing activities that occur through the Internet.

online marketing activities include:

banner Advertising
Search Engine Marketing
E-mail Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
In most cases, these types of online marketing advertising agencies are offered. Advantages of online marketing are in good measurability of the efficiency of advertising.

The central focus of online marketing is widely used in communications policy. Besides the usual marketing activities you should not give up the online marketing. Because this way can additionally new prospects, customers or sales channels win.

banner Advertising

With banner advertising is typical placement of online advertising as an advertising display on web pages otherwise known as ppc management. Banner there are often in different sizes and can top, sides, or placed underneath a web page.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

According to the definition of search engine marketing includes all measures to increase the visibility of the individual websites to increase in the search engines. A distinction is made between search advertising like with Google Adwords Expert Specialists and search engine optimization.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is the transmission of advertising by e-mail. However, this form of advertising is by mail in Germany under legal restrictions and governed by different laws.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing pursued branding and communication objectives eg by the activity in different communication platforms.

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing operators use different partners to distribute products but also services which are paid by pay per lead, pay per click or pay per sale.



Vsibility Services (SEO / SEM) and Web Marketing Consultancy
We value your Company and your Business
Being “first engine” and basically on Google, you ambition of all and promise of many. Only the few can maintain, we at Media Regex we operate in Web Marketing since 2003 and we are the first agency in Phoenix¬†SEO Consultant Services on Google, Yahoo and Bing, this is our calling card.

Not only SEO: Regex Media planning for its clients by leveraging capabilities of web marketing, SEO, SEM, Display, Affiliations, Partnerships, Viral Marketing and Social Network;

[SEO] Guaranteed Placement on Google

Guaranteed SEO on Google To celebrate 10 years of activity, Regex Media launches Formula Money Back. The new service Guaranteed SEO on Google, is in fact a new strategic proposal that integrates all the SEO techniques on-site and off-site essential to gain the top positions on Google.

Formula Soddifatti Back Guarantee is the best guarantee of a peaceful and effective investment in Digital Marketing.

indicator positioning service Contact us now to learn more!

[SEO] Optimizing Web Sites

Placement on Search Engines SEO Optimization Services are aimed at all companies wishing to make the most of the huge market generated by search engines and specifically by Google; SEO companies are aware that the positioning does not offer immediate results but gradual and incremental, a forward-looking medium-term investment that will repay abundantly the wait.

Aims to achieve the top positions on Google and all other search engines primarily used, is ideal for all the information portals and dynamic websites rich in content because of issues related to the structure can not express the potential and generate words key useful to the business.

The service groups all actions of structural optimization SEO that are the basis of a correct organic positioning, also includes the construction of supplementary content specifically designed for search engines.

In the era of Web 2.0, where the search engines analyze semantic content matching for identification of the context is essential to equip the website content that supports the main keywords, such content will also generate additional combinations of keywords useful to intercept searches atypical however targettizzate lend much to the conversion of the objectives.

This is not a standard service, is strongly linked to the market competition of belonging, to the quality of the website and the budget that you intend to invest in the campaign of visibility in any situation we will offer the best solution to the development of your online business .

indicator positioning service details Service Optimization

[SEM] Sponsored Placement on Google

Google Adwords Expert Guaranteed service visibility guaranteed stems from offering a service professional visibility on Google that is immediate (5 working days), transparent and guaranteed.

An advertising campaign on Google allows you to promote their products / services with small investments and great benefits, and ‘why we have designed a service in the name of clarity, that is accessible to everyone but especially can provide immediate visits and profiled the program Visibility Guaranteed.
indicator positioning service details Sponsored Placement on Google

Google Web Marketing Pack

Landing Site + + Dedicated Toll Campaign on Google
Google Web Marketing For the first time a service that includes all the tools of a professional online promotion on Google included in a single solution.

An online advertising campaign successful and oriented to conversion can not ignore the quality of the website, from communication, from the analysis of the market, from the company and the perceived ease with which the browser will use the information and take action contact / purchase;

In this regard, we have chosen to enrich the offer with a personalized website and oriented to conversion “Landing Site”, a toll free number and a dedicated advertising campaign on Google with visits Guaranteed.

A solution of complete web marketing and results-oriented business.

indicator positioning service details Google Web Marketing Pack

Google and Search Engines

L ‘88% of web surfers daily uses search engines to find the information concerned. Products and services of all kinds are searched every moment through the search engines, satisfy the needs of these users gives us a great opportunity to make a sale or acquire a new customer.
Are 23 million Italians who surf regularly on the internet, it is an interesting fact to understand the potential that search engines offer us.
Guaranteed Visibility on Search Engines If you are pausing on our website is probably thanks to the visibility that we have achieved on the search engines, at this time we have the opportunity to offer our products and stimulate your interest.

And ‘this is what we offer, potential customers and the opportunity to give visibility targettizzata to your products / services.

Through official statistics from Nielsen / NetRatings, international company specializing in data analysis and processing, we have the opportunity to show you how many Italians who today surfing the web and especially how many of these daily use search engines to inquire and search for products / services.
The 83.3% of web surfers Italian Google has chosen to make his research, obvious and the importance for a company to be visible in the top positions of this search engine.
The analysis is for the month of January 2016, and shows us that the number of surfers regular monthly rises from 18 million to 23 million, an increase of 29% compared to only 12 months ago. The most important is certainly represented by 20.2 million users who have chosen Google to make their research online, 83.3% of web surfers Italian.

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