Increase Website Traffic

If you are a regular blogger or website owner, you will increase website traffic. You could even do a search on the web for all great ways to generate or increase your traffic. I have compiled a list of 63 ways to increase traffic to your site. This list is different from others because it contains simple and original ideas and off-the-wall, unique ideas. If you are looking for more people to see your website or blog, then you are at the right article! On all these 63 tips, I can assure you that most of them work for your site or blog. So get to work and increase traffic website or blog

Write more content. If you want to increase website traffic, you need to write content. People will visit your site if you do not write a decent amount of good quality content and new visitors will definitely not come back. So keep writing funky messages!

Have a good design and layout. If your website or blog design is messy, sloppy, hard to navigate, a rainbow of colors that do not fit or are difficult on the eye, or full of errors, you will instantly fall in the water.

Get your own domain name. I promise you that if you have your domain, you will get more traffic. You linked to more and more people will easily remember your URL. Try to get your own domain name and get it from the start.

Start using StumbleUpon. I had a huge success with StumbleUpon. When the right item for your blog meets StumbleUpon, expect many people to vote for your post a thumbs up, and then even more people “stumbling on” your blog.

Blog Guest. Offer to write a post on another site. Better yet, have the post already written and let the blogger know you have a loan of guest blog post at their site, if that is ok with them. When writing your guest blog, find a post on your blog that is related and a link to your blog as a guest. A link to their blog, and the ability to increase website traffic.

Start tagging your images. When you have an image in your message, it should always be labeled properly. Make sure the width and height are clearly defined. But most importantly, fill in the alt tags and title with keywords of the image.

Respond to your comments and emails. People love a blog whose owner is interactive and reflective, an owner who recovers quickly response to comments and emails. If you can do this except more loyal readers who love you. 🙂 So expect more traffic and increase website link.

Use MyBlogLog. Make sure you have a catchy avatar. So join all MyBlogLog communitiesyou can (daily limit 15). In no time, your avatar will everything about MyBlogLog blog and community pages and you will see more visitors that come to you.

Do not waste your time. Do not waste your time with the wild employees’ money, “such as those you pay per click, you pay to play, you pay to surf, you pay for research, or something like that. They are worthless. Instead, spend your time writing quality content and increasing site traffic will follow.

Watch your stats. Watch your stats and Google Analytics. See what keywords are getting you the most traffic and what posts your readers like and do not like. Use this knowledge to continue writing more popular posts filled with great keywords.

Link to other posts. When you link to posts on other blogs, which creates a trackback or pingback. When you link to another blogger post if they have trackbacks enabled, you will receive a link back both in the comments section of the post which you have accessed.

In your messages, ask questions to readers. Readers like to feel important and many of them like to talk. The next time you write a message, ask them a question or their opinion on something. You will receive more comments and many visitors will be more likely to return.

Make a lens on Squidoo. On Squidoo, you can make your own lenses, aka, pages on their site. Make a lens that is on your blog or site topic, then make sure you put a link to your blog on the lens! Did I mention that you can also make money on Squidoo?

Comment on other blogs. When you comment on another blog of 99.9% of the time there is a box, you can write to the address of your own website. Then, from there, when people see your comment, they can click on your blog or website! Comment on as many other blog is that you can. Maybe even set aside a day of the week for comment. More comments you leave, the more you are noticed and the more traffic you get.

Write messages to the list. Everyone loves the messages in the list. List of messages are generally linked to a lot more and have a lot more traffic than normal messages.

Submit your blog to the search engines. Most people get the majority of their traffic from search engines. When people search for your keyword and find your website or blog, there is more traffic! Click here to submit your blog to be indexed in Google if it has not already been done, and do not forget to continue writing new content for engines to chew!

Build relationships with fellow bloggers. Build relationships with all types of bloggers, especially those also in your niche. Comment on their blogs, conversations, link them to form friendships. And before you know it, they’ll be linking to you too and maybe send some traffic your way.

Use traffic exchanges. I’m not sure if you can be penalized for using traffic exchanges, but they can bring you loyal readers if your blog is good enough, in addition to continuous traffic.

Link to other posts as often as you can. Internal link to posts on your own blog. This helps your rankings and also helps in increasing website traffic. If people who come to your web blog have nothing else to do, they will leave. When you access your other articles, they will most likely choose to go read both before leaving, and will stay on your blog longer.

Join Yahoo! Answers. On Yahoo! Answers you are able to answer the questions of others, help them and give answers. There is a box where you can enter the source from where you got your answer. Answer the questions in your field and a link to your blog as the source!

Subscribe to your blog blogs top lists. A list of the best blog is an array of all blogs that are in it. The list is numbered and your blog can not go higher on the list when it has more traffic, more voices, more inbound visitors, etc. They are very simple and easy to reach. Furthermore, they can rake in the traffic!

Submit to site directories. Few hundred sites list directories, thousands of lists. Backlinks are important, but traffic from the directories will be less than a trickle, nothing more likely. However, with the present name of your site using your keywords, and then you could be ranked more highly on Google for those keywords, which means more traffic!

Do not use link trains. This is not directly related to traffic, but it is always good advice. I made the mistake of joining the ViraLink and ViralTags, and you should never do that! In addition, your readers will thank you and they will stay longer. 😉

Proofread, edit and review your messages. No one wants to link to a post that is of poor quality. Although the position is a brilliant idea, if it is full of spelling and grammatical errors, it will not be bound. And no connection means no traffic.

Submit your blog posts carnivals. Go to the Blog Carnival site and submit as many of your articles to as many carnivals related to your niche that you can. When the carnival edition you submitted to be displayed, not only will you have linkbacks, but you’ll get more hits on your blog.

Hold your own blog carnival. I think blog carnivals is very comfortable to hold. People submit their articles to your carnival. When you publish your carnival, almost all of these people go to carnival edition to see their link there. Carnival and you can also be featured on the home page Site Blog Carnival.

Link exchange with others in your field. That link exchange is on a sidebar on every page on a site page, or in a post on the site, it is up to you. But the link exchange with others with related blogs can be a great help. And when their sites grow an even bigger help!

Use Feedburner for people to subscribe to your blog. When people subscribe to via RSS or get your blog updates in email, they will see your messages when you make a new one. This is vital to keep people in touch with your blog and get them to come back.

Use Youtube. Make an account on Youtube and on your profile, you can list your website address. SEO for your site or blog link there. Then start making videos and when people see your profile, some of them might click on your website!

Ask more blogs for link.I can not stress enough that you have to do this right or not at all. You need to be polite and do not beg. Start building your conversation with the A-lister and development of the relationship before asking anything. Be sure to give thanks to them in your messages. First of all, read the post Kumiko about it. I know that if I got a polite email like this instead of begging spammer, I have to say yes. And if you get your link, not only will this help your page rank, but you should get a very decent amount of traffic.

Use Technorati tags. Enter more categories in Technorati allows you to get a much more exposure, which means more traffic.

Write a post about a celebrity. No matter what your niche is, you can find a way to connect your subject a celebrity. For example, 6 Britney Spears lessons can you learn about blogging. People search for celebrities all the time and love of dirt on them.

Encourage others to Digg your articles. Digg is a site that lets people vote on articles, whether people like them or not. Blogger friends will most likely Digg your work for you if you ask politely, or even better, add a Digg button at the bottom of all your messages. Make sure that your best articles are Dugg and started in the right direction, and if the position is good enough, it can generate thousands of visitors daily.

Get a plugin to social bookmarking sites. At the bottom of this post, you’ll see a row of buttons that allows people to submit and vote my articles to social bookmarking sites (Digg, Reddit, Netscape and others included). I use the anti-social plugin. If you have set up this plugin you are WAY more likely to be subject to social bookmarking sites, which in turn means a lot more traffic.

Link to A-listers. This corresponds to just over A-listers ask for a link, or a way to push them in the direction to give you, but it is much more subtle and harder. The more you bind to A-listers and probloggers in your niche, the more they are likely to notice you. Then they could bind to one of your posts as well, which could send huge amounts of traffic on your way!

Write a pillar post. This is not only a list post, but a post and pillar. This position is a long-authority, after teaching (and also quickly grew to become the most popular item this blog). Pillar posts should take some time, times, to write. You must link your pillar posts often in your blog, and make sure they get a higher exposure. Messages will pillar connect to and receive decent traffic quantities.

When a big party rolls around, write about it. When Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or another big celebration comes, make a post about it a month in advance. Give yourself time to be indexed and linked. When the day comes, it will be searched for many and your site could be found!

Use smart URLs on WordPress. If you are using WordPress and use their disorder URL, you’d better change this plugin to URLs that contain the date and name of the post in the link. By using this plugin does not make you lose your search engine stats or anything, this is a redirect.

Make your readers feel at home. If you are rude, never give in, do not respond to your comments or emails do not help other bloggers or are still stuck and do not make your readers feel at home, chances are that they might stop visiting your blog. When you make your readers feel at home, you get more traffic.

Being a human being, not a robot. If all your posts you seem very business like, ever forget you, speak the same thing all the time or are 100% perfect, it could actually send people. I tell you not to be sloppy, talk about you all the time, move your subject, or make many mistakes. But let your readers know that you are like them and that you have things in common. Do not make your boring site.

Take the ads on your site. To increase your traffic remove your ads. When you have no way to make money on your website, you seem much more serious and dedicated. Most likely you will get more traffic and loyal readers. And perhaps in the future, you can adjust the ads again to start making money!

Start your own blog directory. This is something I tried once but failed miserably. However, I’m sure if I tried again I could do it right, and you might too! When you make your directory first, all links completely free and just have a link submit the form where observations are emailed to you. You can turn weekly / daily horizon of all links sent to you, or you can assign links to their own categories. When your site becomes even more important, you can request a reciprocal link. Then have a “Featured Site” table, and a link to your main site in it. I’m not sure how it will work for everyone but it’s worth it.

Post on A-listers in your field. For me it would be people like Darren Rowse and John Chow. You can write about them as a person or a blogger or you can write about how they run and do things. You can post your thoughts on something they said or extend over one of their posts, and leave a comment saying you did.

Interview other bloggers. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but never had the time. Interviews of other bloggers usually generate some links, including a link between the blogger you interviewed. And links means traffic!

Write love messages link. I try to write messages of love link every two weeks where it’s just an important post links to articles in the blogosphere or on the web that I love, especially those related to my niche. Not only will this help you trackbacks, but it also gives you the greatest chance of being linked to the return, which then means traffic.

Have a contest or gift! This is a great idea. Have a contest or a gift for a very impressive price, and people flock to your site in the hope of winning. If you give something really cool, new will spread like wildfire. Previously, however, make sure that your blog is already getting a pretty decent amount of traffic with a few loyal readers.

Pretending to sell your blog. This is something you can do to get traffic, but I do not recommend it. This idea has emerged lately, but in my opinion it’s not a good idea. You can pay forty dollars to list your blog in a market, and get a huge spike in traffic of potential buyers. Then you take down the offer and keep your blog. NONE of that traffic never come back. It is not targeted and it’s a waste of money. But if you want to get traffic that way, go ahead.

Being a comedian. Make people laugh. For many of you, this should not be difficult. When you make people laugh, they feel a link to your site or blog and want to tell others and come back.

Help bloggers you need. If a beginner, novice blogger leaves you a comment or send an email that is less polite, do not brush them off because of their lack of experience. Help them! You never know, they could be great one day and do not forget your kindness and help.

Having polls on your blog. If you use WordPress, download the WordPress plugin polls. People like voting in the polls and like seeing what the outcome of the survey was. The surveys are popular, and popular way traffic.

Launch more blogs. Think you can handle it? They can be free blogs, or they can have their own domain name. Whatever you want. Work on the traffic for all of your blogs, then all your blogs link to each other (especially smaller blogs link to your principal). Then he who reads one of your blogs can also be introduced to others.

Create or hack a WordPress plugin. Well, it could be for smart geeks out there, because I could not do it. But if you can, then expect to get a lot of links and traffic from all over the place all the people who use your plugin.

Create a blog theme (WordPress, SiliconIndia, Blogspot, whatever). The same goes for the creation of a plugin. I could probably do it more easily than I could make a plugin, however. If you think you can, give it a shot! Traffic will be paid, as are links.

Make graphics that are useful to others. If you do then free graphics people can use on their site or blog, you will get more traffic from that too, and it’s not nearly as hard. If you’re a professional to do graphics even try to load a bit to get money on top of it!

Make graphics for social networking sites as well. People who use Myspace, Facebook and all these types of sites like using graphics. Colorful banners. Animated, flashing images. If you can do amazing things like that, then they will use it. It’s worth it for some traffic and links.

Make a Facebook and get a lot of friends. Make a Facebook and work on getting a lot of friends. This is not to say that the addition of the bands or celebrities that you accept automatically. This means that real people. Just go about adding people. Go to “Browse” and add people. Once you have hundreds of friends, a link to your site or blog in newsletters and on your profile and wherever you can. It could draw in some traffic if you do it correctly.

Answer questions you get through comments or email in a message. If someone comments or emails you with a question, and you could give them a very lengthy answer, write a message instead. You will not waste your time and then meet that person, just give them a link to the message you wrote!

The work on the optimization of search engines. The best you classify and do in the search engines, the more visitors they send you. Do your research and homework on the optimization of search engines and start right away!

Start a series of awards. Spend time doing a little trophy or banner for a price. Make sure that your purse has a theme and a name, for example, “The Blogger Award Kind.” And a link to five kind bloggers. In the rules, each of them bind and drive the price to more than five bloggers that they think are nice. Many linking to you as the creator of the series award and receive traffic for it.

Buying ads using Google Adwords. Something I have not done, but can be very useful if you have money. Sign up for Google Adwords and buy advertising. People will click on the ads and access your site. Some might become loyal readers, but many will not. A good way to get traffic.

Order opinions ReviewMe. If you order comments on other blogs using PayPerPost ReviewMe or you can create a buzz about your site or blog. Comments are probably the best form of advertising and the best way to get more loyal visitors.

Use ReviewBack to make a free test. Most likely you will be free comments on smaller blogs, and you also have to return the favor, but you can always get some nice traffic from it. Something to consider.

Google Disavow Tool | The Definitive Guide

seo-phoenix-azAll about link building agency best practices for using the disavowal tool in Google Webmaster Tools.  Of course to repair a Google penalty.

Matt Cutts had announced in June, the tool is now available to all: you can list all Google web pages that link to your site and you want Google to ignore. Please read this tutorial before “disown” backlinks!

File updated  with multiple details (utility of nofollow links disavowal, use assumed data collected by Google to penalize sites whose links are often disowned, how to cancel the disavowal of a link in particular, remain in Google Webmaster Tools links yet disowned …)

As you will understand by reading this file, the use of this disavowal of backlinks tool is quite controversial. Many SEOs believe that this tool should not exist and that it is not for SEOs and webmasters to make this work, but Google to simply ignore the links which it considers contrary to its quality guidelines.

However, there are cases where it may be worth testing this tool. By cons, you better be aware that it is handled with care: misused, it can harm your high visibility in Google.

If you are afraid to make mistakes, it is probably more prudent not to use or to use SEO experts. If you need my help, please contact me for a quote.
Reminder of the problem

Since the Penguin algorithm that Google has released in April 2012, and even since the end of 2011 when Google began sending warning messages on the presence of artificial backlinks, you know that Google may penalize your site if it considers that he gets too artificial or fictitious judged backlinks.

Therefore, the old SEO Negative fears have flared up, and although we understand why: it seems possible to harm the referencing of a competing site in fending him to generate many low quality links.

SEO experts mostly agree to admit that if the risk is very low for a site whose reputation is already well established (read: it already has many quality backlinks), the risk actually exists in the opposite case.

Hence the idea now offered by Google AdWords Agency and Bing to provide a way for website owners to report to ignore some backlinks.
The tool to disavow backlinks in GWT
The steps to provide a list of backlinks to “refuse”

As Bing offering his tool in BWT, Google announced on 16/10/2012 the opportunity for any site owner to denounce some backlinks. To do this, simply go to and select the site you want to manage the backlinks to disavow:
Refuse backlinks: site selection

Refuse backlinks via GWT: choice of the site concerned

You will find that you must be the owner of the site (in the sense of GWT). This means that if a third party has given you access to its GWT account (through your Google account), it will not be enough: you can not use the disavowal tool.

Then, once you have selected the site, Google will ask you to read the warning message before continuing:

This is an advanced feature used with caution. In fact, if used incorrectly, it can harm your site’s ranking in Google search results. We recommend you to refuse incoming links if you think that many poor quality links, artificial or contain spam refer to your site, and you are convinced that these links are a problem.

In the online help, Google also states:

In most cases, we can assess the links which rely without further entry. Also, this tool is not useful for most standard sites.

If you are still determined, click the “Deny connections” button. Google will show you again exactly the same message and asks you to upload a text file listing “links you want to deny.” There is still time to cancel by clicking on “Complete” (sic) to cancel.
Upload the file to deny backlinks

The file upload form to deny backlinks via GWT
The file format to upload: syntax

In the text file, you only need to list the URLs of pages that link to your site and you want Google to ignore. Please do not put the list of all your external backlinks (available in your Google Webmaster Tools account), otherwise it probably would sign the end of your Google profile …

If you want Google to ignore all the links from a particular domain name pointing to your site, simply use the “domain”. For example, if the domain name that makes you very bad quality links is “”, put this line:


As usual with Google commands, do not put spaces before and after the colon.

To reject only the links from a subdomain in particular, use the domain command: specifying the subdomain concerned:


Careful with the management of the www subdomain: If you specify this subdomain as in the example below, only the links in the pages of this subdomain will be disowned. Unless there are www subdomain, such as links on the URL would be disowned.


You can combine all that, which could give example:


You can add comment lines by making them start with # but they will be ignored. Put them if it serves you, but not in the hope that Google into account. In particular, these comments are not read by members of the Google team on the quality of research (those reviewing your reconsideration requests).

The file must not be more than 2MB. However, if your file is too large, the best is probably to mourn your site and to rebuild a completely new a new domain …

You can only upload one file per site.

All owners of the declared site in GWT account will access the uploaded file. Casually, this means that if your provider has been able to identify as owner, he has the ability to negate the impact of all your backlinks … Come and have a look to check who has access to your account! But rest assured, when you only give access to a Google account, you can not manage your disapproval file: you have to have the level “owner”.
How long is the wait?

It will take Google crawls again all concerned URL and manages in its index. According to Google, it may take “several weeks” before the consideration of your application. Google may even decide not to consider your application if it considers that these claims are not legitimate (“Google reserves the right to trust our own judgment for corner cases”).

Specifically, you have absolutely no return other than checking the format of the uploaded file.

With this, you are well advanced, is not it? : (
Can we cancel a request, in case of error?

If you have asked to ignore some backlinks and that ultimately you want to change your mind, download the file you upload, edit it (removing the affected URL) and then upload it again. For example, if you no longer wish to disallow a particular link, simply remove the URL list on which it is located and upload the modified file.

It will again wait for Google treats and wait until Google crawls the URL again makes you a link and you removed your disapproval. All this without any return from Google …
Can you send multiple files disavowal?

No this is not possible, each file sent overrides the previous. This is very important: it means that if you find new links to disavow, add them to your file. If you only put new URL in a text file, Google will assume that you have only to disavow them …
Should we disavow the nofollow links?

No it’s not worth it, they are in any case ignored by Google. Moreover, disowned links are treated in the same way that nofollow links. This is the Google engineer John Mueller says:

You do not need to Log Any nofollow links include … because Essentially what happens with links That You’re submit a disavow, When We recrawl em we treat em similarly to –other nofollowed links. Including a nofollow link There Would not Be considers.

They remain disowned links listed in GWT?

Yes I Do! This may be surprising and frustrating for you, but I can confirm that the backlinks you have disowned do not disappear from the “Search Traffic> Links to your site” Google Webmaster Tools.

Moreover, this section also lists nofollow links that are yet ignored by Google …
Must also request a review or this tool is it enough to lift a penalty?

If you have received a message from Google telling you that your site is penalized because of links “dummy” (artificial)

try to remove these backlinks (or have it amended to respect the Google instructions)
for when you do not get satisfaction with your request, list the URL in the file to send to refuse backlinks
expect that Google takes into account (hard to know how much time actually …)
make your request for reconsideration, explaining all the details

Google makes it clear that in the case of a manual penalty, it must in any case go through the review request (after sending the file to disavow backlinks).

Note: If you received the message for Google dummy links, see my file to get by.

Conversely, if you have not received a message, you do not need to apply for a review and besides, you can not even do that. You can find out by visiting the Manual actions of your GWT account.

The GWT tool to deny links
Google does penalize sites that are disavow?

You probably read in many places that Google uses the data collected by this tool to identify sites that practice spam, to penalize. The idea being that if multiple files disavowal mention a site, Google could be considered as spammy.

But John Mueller (Google) says it is not so and that “for the moment” Google does not use the data in this way:

When it comes to the disavow links tool, at the moment we are not using data in Any Way That Against the websites are being white That Disavowed Because There Are Many Reasons why just so a link Might Be Disavowed. It might Be That it’s a fine website but perfectly For some reason the ads On That Site are passing PageRank and maybe the webmaster is not aware of That and that’s not something Abebooks web Would say, “Oh, this is a spammy site,” Because Reviews some of thesis ads are passing PageRank. Or maybe They Have comments on a blog or on Articles That They publish and people-have-been spamming Those comments. Just because Those links are in someone’s file disavow, It Does not mean que la glad Necessarily On That Site is bad. ”

Should I use this tool?
Official Google explanations

We strive to ensure that the actions of a third party site does not negatively affect other website. In some cases, incoming links can influence our assessment of a site or page. For example, you or a SEO (SEO) to which you can call creating incorrect links to your site through paid links or links to systems that do not follow our instruction for the quality. First, we recommend removing the web many links containing spam or bad as possible.
If you have already done everything to remove these links, but you can not, you can refuse the remaining links. In other words, you can ask us to ignore certain links in the assessment of your site.

My point of view

First, I prefer to remember that the majority of sites should not need this tool.

First we can enjoy this tool. After all, this is a solution over to us, and many of those who had asked in recent weeks. But then it begs a few questions:

Is it not a sign of weakness on the part of Google? Is it really up to us to make this work? This should not it be that of Google? Why Google does not simply disables the power of a link when it determines that the link is artificial?
How effectively do if we discover a large number of links? If there are thousands spread across thousands of sites, should we treat them one by one? If people spamming the web by posting hundreds of thousands of links to a competitor, why the webmaster concerned should have to clean this spam?
How to know if you really disavow a link? How do I know if it is considered spam by Google? In other words, how to know if the link is toxic to its SEO?
Is there not a risk of weakening its listing if it disavows links that actually were regarded by Google?
Conversely, Google will think that a site which most outbound links are disavowed by other webmasters? I guess it could be used by the algorithm to locate Panda poor quality sites, or to confirm that they are of poor quality. To better understand this remark, I suggest you read my decryption Google patent sets a trap to SEO spamming.
Moreover, this tool could it not be a complete farce? Bluff! With this superb crowdsourcing Free World, Google can identify better than before all the sites and all the spamming techniques netlinking who deceive their algo. Of course, Google denies and use the data collected.
What are the impacts on online reputation? If a customer gives his opinion on a site by making a link to it with negative words in the link text, the site in question could come out on terms. If it is enough to webmaster disavow these links, it’s a whole section of the Google algorithm, which is modified …

What backlinks should you ask Google to ignore?

That’s right the main problem: what links will you give in terms of SEO? The backlinks are so hard to achieve it is important not to be deceived by asking Google to ignore some. Because if Google were not considered artificial, then your SEO will be weakened and the penalty that you have (or think you?) On your site will not go away!

I advise you to read and reread the instructions official Google on the links Systems (backlinks) in both French and English.

If you have any doubts about the backlinks to disavow if you do not know whether to remove or modify them, ask for help in the WebRankInfo forum.

If you prefer a professional analysis, please contact me for a quote: I have experience and my own tools to assist you. You can find more information on my site WebRankExpert, under Analysis of artificial backlinks.
Matt Cutts councils on the backlinks of disallowance
An interview conducted by Danny Sullivan (source):

Q Why does not Google it provides a complete list of artificial backlinks?
R- To avoid assisting evil people to learn how to better spam (that is to say without being detected by Google).

Q- Who should use this tool?
R All who have received a message from Google (in GWT) on the presence of artificial links, as well as those who have been penalized by Penguin and think or know they have bad backlinks.

Q- What is the time to impact on the SEO of the site?
R- It may take several weeks or months; data must be integrated into our index and also exploited by different algorithms.

Q In which cases we must make a request for reconsideration?
R- Only if you have received a message informing you in GWT with a manual penalty. In other cases, the requests for review have no impact.

Q- Why Google Can not just ignore these bad backlinks, rather than seek to use the disavowal tool?
R- To help webmasters to clean their backlinks ([how rotten response …])
Here is the official video explanation:
Video of the classic mistakes with the disavowal file

Matt Cutts explains the main errors encountered by Google with webmasters who attempt to disavow links and take poorly to:

do uploader nothing but a plain text file: No Word document, Excel or other
when an entire site is poor and you make connections, you must disavow the field at once (via Directive domain 🙂 and not try to list each URL [with that, Google is sure that even more Links will be blocked …]
the syntax in the file must be strictly adhered to, otherwise the request is ignored
it is unnecessary to add comments, they will be ignored. If necessary, give them a request for review
it is better to remove the links that using the tool: it should only be a last resort [Matt incentive to clean up the web, it will prevent Google from having to manage …]

Ecommerce CRM Solutions

Weaving the threads of a multitude of trade relations by giving to each customer the feeling of being the only really important to us!

Our service and CRM software will turn your wish into reality.
Customer satisfaction is an essential priority for each company successful.

Nowadays, in fact, not be able to meet the needs of a customer, equivalent to automatically lose many others.

We live in an era when, as is the concept of commerce has embraced much wider markets of metropolitan areas in which they have found the location, even the exchange of opinions among consumers have adjusted.

If before then asked council to neighbor, friend or relative rather than round, today the company reviews and experiences of consumers traveling on the web and get negative feedback from a user on the network, can comprometter an appointment conquered with so much effort, obfuscating the corporate image in the eyes of many potential customers.

A risk that you can not run, it is essential to protect their brand reputation, offering the customer exactly what they are looking … more!

This requires an excellent business management, coordination of team work and impeccable knowledge of the target market unrivaled.

Impossible? Not for our Seo Web Agency!

Uan Web is able to guarantee all this by offering a service CRM (Customer Relationship Management) implemented through the use of latest generation software, specifically designed to allow you to follow the management of the client from the approach to the conclusion of the sale, up to ‘after sales service.

Showing interest and attention to the needs of your customers and taking care of every aspect of management of business relationships, we will enable you to enhance your brand and increase your competitiveness in the market of interest.
Foursquare: web marketing is reflected in the fact

Social networks, are great business tools can enhance your virtual image, Foursquare it did more: he made it even closer to the two parallel worlds, finding a valid point of commercial contact between virtual and real.

How does Foursquare?

The concept of this geo social exploits the location function of your smartphone and the Android operating system and uses it to enable its users to express comments on businesses in the various cities. In the face of an assessment also provides the user to take advantage of the promotion (special) proposed by the operator.

After being born and having found his success in America, today Foursquare is slowly conquering European countries and now has a large number of subscribers.

What is the secret that is marking the success of Foursquare?

Surely the mobile phenomenon has been of fundamental importance for the expansion of this social.

Born as a means of communication used by the mass to let your friends know your position and transform a virtual contact in a real encounter. A technological method for relating to others that, in recent years are taking a significant importance in terms of web marketing. In this sense, it is reflecting also in seo fulfilling the function of driving force for geo-positioning.

Foursquare in web marketing

From the commercial point of view, this new social exploits the continuing need of consumers to compare the net searching the web the right confirmations they need before making a purchase. Relying on this proven need and connecting it to the growing popularity of the mobile phenomenon, has created an infallible marketing strategy, but … web marketing!

All you have to do is create your profile on the map and enter the venue, which is the business that you want to insert on Foursquare.

This way you will start to manage your virtual reality, creating business proposals advantageous and exclusive promotional offers. A great opportunity for users of Foursquare, to be eligible for the promotion, they will refrain from travel to your store and run the check-in sharing it with their contacts on Facebook and Twitter. Then leave a comment (feedback) on your business. At that point the way to success is marked, any other user, in fact, that you will find wandering near your store can not resist the temptation to take advantage of the promotion, especially if it is a promotion (in technical terms “a special”) tempting.

The goal is to accumulate (as manager of the venue), the most check-in, as this data, viewable from your profile, witness the growing awareness of your brand among Internet users. A sort of tam tam metropolitan, that of virtual dressing, advertise for free your commercial operation with honest feedback and disinterested.

The approach to customer loyalty

But Foursquare offers even more. With statistics that allow the operator to know the users who have checked in sharing it on Twitter with your contacts, in fact, offers the opportunity to build customer loyalty, by contacting the famous social to hand him your sincere thanks and perhaps reserving an additional promotion, thus spurring him to come back to visit you.

The power of the mobile connection in terms of commercial success

You want proof of the potential of this geo social networks? We propose in the American version, a video from 24 minutes in the original version, (part of the presentation of the engineer Blake Shaw, published in March 2012 by and that shows in an absolutely blatant social phenomenon which can triggers the opening of a new business establishment. Nell’accezione specification is a new Coffee Shop: La Colombe!

The connection nodes (whose circumference varies according to the extent of its network of contacts) that light up with celestial represent the check-in. Admire as multiply as the tam tam Virtual winds through the streets of Manhattan … telematics.

A phenomenon of epochal dimensions, which soon could produce the same effects in Italy. Seize the first opportunity offered by the network, it is essential!

From social game virtual to real marketing strategy, provides valuable irreplaceable means of approach to customer loyalty, that’s why our Seo Web Agency proposes the creation of your Foursquare profile.

Because it is precisely through the streets of your town that lie the real potential of your business, is among the dense web of plots that are home the best opportunities for the business and is the inexhaustible source Web Uan able to satisfy your thirst for success.

mmerce: shopping is done online

The e-commerce is, for small and medium-sized enterprises, a good opportunity to escape the powerful grip of recession. Important opportunity to export their products beyond the limiting city walls, gaining new market shares and granting the opportunity to access new sales markets otherwise unattainable.

However, despite the electronic commerce encompasses in itself a series of ‘many advantages, this innovative sales technique has taken off only in the last few years.

Initially, in fact, the e-commerce was seen as an exclusive competence of big corporations.

A Phoenix website marketing strategy from which small business owners are kept at a safe distance.

Today, however, the incessant economic crisis has also pushed the small trader to abandon the ballast that kept him tied to the traditional concept of trade and to pull up the anchor to sail to new shores.

A journey in search of a viable alternative escape route, allowing him a dignified survival.

If this transhumance trade has on the one hand allowed to e-commerce to see recognized their potential, the other has generated a real race to conquer the web!

E-shops have flooded the network and today it is difficult to stand out among the crowd.

The virtual world is a great car commercial, but to start with the right gear is essential to avoid improvisations preferring to these, the support professional seo consultants can provide to your business what it needs: visibility and credibility.

Objective # 1: Visibility

The visibility is achieved by pursuing one goal: positioning on search engines.

Mission impossible is to enter into the good graces of the search engines, climbing the infamous Google SERP.

To make it understandable to non-experts, the importance of positioning on the search engines, it may be convenient to use a nice metaphor.

Imagine the web, like a real jungle inhabited by a thousand insidious threats, including the most dangerous are represented by the continuous evolution of the algorithms and in which, the first page of google (so visibility) is the goal to achieve to win salvation.

The only way to get out alive from this jungle is to rely on the expertise of a local guide, who is able to draw on the map the best route to go. The shortest way to ensure adequate protection, you will achieve your goal.

Uan Web is a web agency composed of highly trained SEO Consultants, who have made the web their home, studying every new algorithm and redesigning the way to any change.

Our consultants will take your hand, leading your business to success and making digital gift of coveted visibility.

Objective # 2: Credibility

Achieve a good position equivalent to ensure a greater number of visits.

But once visitors enter in your new store the dual objective is to be pursued:

minimize the bounce rate (visitors, but did not find what they need, are limited to the display of the home page and then leave the site in less than no time);
maximize conversion rate (number of visitors that turn into customers).

Basically, the main purpose is to convert visitors into customers, and this is achieved by teasing the visitor’s interest, spurring him to visit more pages possible to browse the various proposals and finally to buy the products.

The phenomenon of conversion, which in the traditional trade is facilitated by the possibility that the customer, to see and touch the product for sale in commerce must be induced.

To do this you use the persuasive writing.

Our good copywriting service will help you gain the trust of your potential customers, producing a series of persuasive texts aimed at disseminating your business and allow the customer to appreciate the virtues of your products without seeing them “live”, encouraging them so to make the purchase.

Do not wait.

The future of business is the web, the success of your e-commerce is in Uan Web.

Other Services Internet Web UAN:
Google+: social signed Google

Why is it important for a company to have a business page on Google Plus social? Simple, because in terms Seo, this offers a service optimized for your organic ranking on Google search engine.

Basically, choose Google+ means playing at home!

Google+ is the social network official Google and, in terms of return on image offers companies the advantages very interesting.

Google Plus and SEO optimization
We start from the most important point: the optimization of your site on search engines.
In these terms, it is known that when a user searches for a topic on Google, by using certain keywords, get in the first place, the results that have been shared on Google Plus by users belonging to their circles.

This phenomenon, already revealed enough influence seo and social pressure that this can give your business.

Google plus is therefore a fast track that will allow you to run the conquest of the Google SERP.

That’s why it’s so important to create a company account in Google plus and that’s why it is important to also make a connection with your website. Also the best choice would be to provide on its corporate website, an icon of sharing, to enable its users to share content deemed interesting on their respective profiles Google +.

In terms of organic positioning geo addition, Google offers the ability to integrate in your profile Google Plus, the card Google Places and then allows this operation to make visible to your circles the feedback received from customers.

Google Plus: effect guaranteed Buzz

Another advantage of this by the formidable potential social seo, is the ability to send out their messages not only users listed in their own circles, but users are not present in your business sphere, but incorporated in the circles of your links.

This detail, coupled with the sharing of high-quality content, can produce an effect “Buzz” by epochal dimensions, thus ensuring a niche place in the top results of Google.

Optimization of the target audience

Do not underestimate the opportunity finally, to categorize the contacts in different circles. In this way, in fact, you can divide their users, for example according to the different production lines which they are interested.

With a good dose of perseverance and dedication, you can optimize your shares, destinandole only to certain circles really interested in the specific topic at that moment you’re sharing or spread radially message, involving all your connections and their related social extensions.

What can we do for you?

Our Seo Web Agency, can create your business page on Google Plus, optimize and provide to execute any appropriate to facilitate the use of multimedia tool. Your commitment will be to maintain the active page, updating it constantly and sharing quality content.

Time is money

If what you are missing to cure your business page finally, is the time factor, Uan Web will guarantee excellent results, taking care personally of content sharing.

Do not set limits to your web marketing strategies, Google Plus offers you the chance to fly to conquer the web, our agency web v’indicherà the best path to follow to achieve the goal.

Uan Web: we trace the lines of your business success … follow our path and not go wrong.

Other Services Internet Web UAN:

Web Design: your website to measure customer

Web design is an essential aspect in web marketing, an important detail which can not be ignored in order to succeed.

Do not consider the aesthetic care of the website, merely kept up only the functionality, in fact, would like to have a nice villa in the center, connected to all services but … empty!

What do you propose the Web Agency Web Uan?

Web Design winner, perfect functionality and content enriched by techniques of persuasive writing: this is the combination suited to make the web the best accommodation for thousands of companies that are currently compensating for the recession.
Our Seo Web Agency not only has all the elements necessary to give rise to your success, but is able to fuse them and mix them in an original, clever and irresistibly unique!

In fact, it may not be so hard to find a good web designer and a copywriter winning, but if it is true what is said above, it is equally true that it is almost impossible to find a web designer and a copywriting service that are able to work together in a symbiotic , merging and completing each other’s work.

Well in Uan Web this happens every day!

Our team consists of a strong team of highly trained professionals, who daily works and collaborates with passion, to realize your virtual home.

The dynamic detail that gives movement to your website, the refined combination of colors, the nuance that makes the difference, the passion that shines harmonic from every page.

These are the elements that will mark your new company website.

A triumph of refined elegance that will be the wise background texts creative, unique and persuasive that we will create especially for you.

Our wonderful job consists of a thousand pieces, each of them is scanned, processed, molded and fused with its neighbors, to give the final result a website crisp, functional, optimized and web design irresistible!

Needless to look elsewhere, only the close-knit team of Uan Web will ensure your website that you dream, you just have to choose our high quality.
Archseer: the voice of the trade

Do you want to sponsor your event commercial giving it epochal dimensions?

Do you want to emerge from giving you a promotional sponsorship curated by real professionals?

Archseer is a really useful service for unlimited amount of companies, members of the public or private sector, forever in search of an advertising tool capable of attracting the attention of more consumers.

Our Web Agency is able to make the phone ring fixed to all users connected to the fixed telephone network, spreading within hours an advertisement unique, persuasive and functional!

The advertising system Archseer does not make use of telephone operators, and this translates into a substantial economic savings.

The announcement about your sale, your corporate event, your promotional sale, is awarded to the familiar voice of some professional speakers who will deal with registration of the advertising message. Later, the advanced computer system will contact the various telephone users with a fixed location, referring to a specific local area and with the sound of trills phone will spread your promotional message like wildfire.

A unique system of its kind that is finally able to provide businesses that need a local sponsorship, an advertising service of a warmer and more professional email and a phone call with operator.

What are the Advantages of Archseer?

Surely this innovative system will allow you to:

consolidate your presence in the local community in which you operate;
reach in a few hours a large number of potential customers interested in your event or your promotion;
a significant cost reduction due to the total autonomy of the promotional system that allows you to do without the telephone operators.

Message studied ad hoc and persuasiveness by the speaker, complete the picture, marking the success of your initiative!

Archseer the perfect tool for the business owner who does not want to make mistakes, the magic formula that commercial transmuted your event in promoting the area more attractive!

Request our service is to put their sponsorship in the most experienced hands, the safest, the most professional. The only ones that can ensure the success of your business initiative.

Uan Web: commercial promotion are looking for is in our hands.

What is a search engine optimization campaign?

seo-reviewsThen in 1997, Google was launched, had its creators can not believe this is the most popular search engine would be the world. In the years that followed there was strengthened its market position such that it has become virtually unthinkable to see the release of the online “arena”. Through the development of search engine optimization agency strategy techniques such as SEA and SEO is gripped by Google in the online landscape stronger than ever.
Search marketing
What is SEA?
SEA, or search engine advertising is an online marketing technique. Fee is your ad on a specific spot to the screen. This is often next to or above the list of natural (organic) search results. It is easily identified by the word “Advertisement” or “Adv.” (In a yellow plane). The core of SEA can be summarized as “pay per click”. Every time a web visitor clicks on your ad, an amount will be charged for. The amount of this fee is strongly dependent on the competition. As it is, in advance, it is impossible to estimate exactly how many “clicks” it will go, you know not what the total cost of your ad will be. Of course you can set a maximum budget, but it still remains the question of how many referrals you get in return.
What is SEO?
seo-consultingUnlike SEA is the selection of an online marketing campaign based Phoenix SEO Company basically free. With some technical adjustments will be placed on your website higher in the ranking of Google search results. This sounds simple, but it’s not natural. For a successful SEO campaign you indeed have specific knowledge and skills required. For example it is important to select the right keywords (based on a keyword research), (to) write texts according SEO rules and to place these texts online with the right technical specifications (such as meta tags). If you do this all by yourself, it costs you nothing. But since this specialized knowledge often be purchased from SEO specialists, there is indeed a cost. The big advantage is that you can define the cost of your campaign so you can determine in advance what it will cost you.
Getting Started
Depending on your budget, your product or service, your audience, and finally your competitiveness in the market, you can work out a search engine optimization campaign. There are plenty of firms and freelancers who offer a complete package for SEO and / or SEA. Discuss with them the opportunities to achieve the most successful approach, at the best price.


One of the many lessons I’ve learned about blogging, and creating websites in general, is that moment when the site author learns to do some SEO agency done right is a before and after in his career.

It was not coincidence that the top two eBooks that I have posted on this site for free download, you teach to do SEO in conditions from scratch.

Incidentally, if you are interested, you can download it from the right sidebar 🙂


This being so, what better to complement the basics you tell in the book with an overview of the state of art in the world SEO hand of one of the most SEO experts recommend following in the book and it’s Dean Romero. I first met Dean through your blog, Blogger 3.0, and then in person at Quondos since both are stewards of this community of professional training in SEO and online marketing.

Dean is a young blogger and in that sense, precisely one of the things that attracted the most attention it is the pace and force that has positioned itself in the Hispanic blogosphere and will continue in 2015. As shown a button:

Dean has achieved in a period of less than two years a network of blogs with more than 120,000 visitors a month.
He has found work through their publications. During this period he has managed to work from home as a professional in the industry and gaining a more than decent and comfortable way thanks to blogging and SEO salary.
He has managed to establish good relate to many prominent figures among the most influential Spanish panorama online marketing.
Works at what she likes and feels made in their work. Rises every day wanting to advance your online business and your blog Blogger3.0
All this has been achieved in just over a year. How he says, “before he was the best person you can imagine 1.0”.
Well, something must have done well and therefore will not be others see what we can tell, is not it?

So now I roll over and I leave you with the interview 🙂

1. What impact do at least the best SEO agency (on page) in a blog?
I would say quite remarkable impact and even more when we refer to on page. Having properly configured our page and write the contents to a standard editorial on page has a much higher relevance to many people today think.

Much of the professionals in this sector are still obsessed with links, but these are not the only factor, not even crucial, to get views. Here we have the example of UnComo to prove it. Some guys in a little over two years based on a elaboradísima Seo strategy on Page have made a blog network of more than 2 million visits per month.

2. Considering the above, then you think that SEO should be one of the top priorities of a blogger?
I think more than understood as a “priority” Go ahead style of content and form of writing the blogger himself, should be understood as a natural part of the whole blog. Since configure permalinks well until we define long tail keywords will focus each content.

Also because of this same one thing that every time I see most is that many people still wondering which in my opinion is already beginning to be quite obsolete, “Writing for users or search engine?”. In modern SEO increasingly are concepts that tend to be the same. A bestial user response (because content is spectacular) ensures good part of SEO search engine as well.

3. What famous phrase from famous bloggers that SEO is not necessary, that quality content is the best SEO?
I think now Google tries to go in this direction, but in most niches is still far from reality. For example, for a tech blog marketing or be impossible to rank keywords with some substance if completely neglect both on page SEO off page as it relates to aspects off the page as links pointing to it, etc.

capture blogger3cero
Blogger 3.0, the “headquarters” of Dean where it has very interesting things about SEO and blogging.
This expression only has value precisely by those who preach, ie by influencer own since their contents are now accompanied by a huge user response, social networks, recurrent visits and their own visibility as online characters is what ultimately guarantees (or at least help) largely positioning of its contents.

But starting a blog network without at least meganichos SEO on page (the latter of whom liked to Google), it could be argued that only someone who does not really know SEO.

4. Do you consider affordable for a non-expert to learn SEO you need in 2015?
I guess it’s like everything and like any profession there are levels. You can apply simple practices and long term will bring positive results (for which you need a degree of basic knowledge and be easy) or you can also position a keyword mega half million global searches with a relatively small blog and win a torrent of traffic in a few days (which in this case obviously need a higher level a little).

But, learning the basics is easy if you wear. And learn more advanced concepts already is less so, but still just as viable if you know where to go to read.

Then come join a community of 10,000 subscribers!

You’ll receive exclusive content for subscribers + a free copy of this book of techniques and tricks to make your compelling content.

I want it!
5. Can you make a mini-checklist of the tasks that is a basic SEO work for a blogger?
The following might be a list of elementary actions to detect a niche and then some others to try to optimize the most basic elements of the page

Find niche. First, we must find themes that have the best “search / competition” relationship.
The searches can be done via the free keyword tools like Google planner.
To analyze the competition one of the best indicators is to use the Mozbar, a free extension for your browser that MOZ offers you free via this link.
How to assess competition with Mozbar, consisting essentially click on the blue button to be installed in your browser and appreciate the values of PA (Page Autorithy) and DA (Domain Authority) competition. There is no standard, I can look at this: DA> 30 is hard to beat.
Once selected niche should proceed with the basic page optimization. Use a title on the cover we want to use as a primary keyword, make sure our Urls are friendly (style:, send the sitemap to Google and make the first content for the page.
Given the extent of this point can extend the configuration information on page page through self Seo ebook published in this blog.
6. And some slightly more advanced tricks that you apply?
Great, here we go. These are some of the ways through which I usually find keywords

Start by assessing the strength / authority blog where I’m writing (you can watch it with the plugin MOZ).
Unless authority is my blog should be more long tail keywords that attacked and vice versa. A strong blog can attack shorter words.
Being clear about this, a good idea may be to select 2 or 3 competitors and check that they have blogs with similar or lower than our force and analyze your pages through Semrush tool (here you can see how).
There will then be possible: if the strength of our opponents is quite inferior to ours, then, usually, can attack all or nearly all positioned keywords, ie write articles on the same topics.
Conversely if our opponent has used very similar to our strength so we have to do is go for their more long tail keywords (longer titles), but also in short will report traffic.
After we wrote like them more and better, and above all, we apply this process “mass”. Many people think that to find a word or two in Semrush automatically is always going to position themselves better and gain traffic. You have to use lists of at least 20 or 30 words “stolen” to get some position as really want.
For your hosting we recommend Hostgator or Webempresa.
Discount Coupons (-25%), comparative and our customer experience here.
7. Can you summarize how SEO was done in 2010, how it has changed since then and what is important today and for the medium term (2015)?
Before (though I have not lived that time of SEO, I’ve only read about it), you could position yourself extremely quickly based on obtaining hundreds of links and burning a keyword without mercy. As a result, blog directories and similar pages started to become so popular in the blogosphere, but now it has evolved considerably and worst of all, it certainly still has to evolve much more.

Now some of the things that still work very well in SEO for example are the Tiers, the concept of Tier Link Building (in the link provided perfectly explained), which should add that I am not an expert in the practical field , but I’ve come to see real nonsense based on these pyramids links. Well, as I was saying I think this now works, but it is likely that in the future not.

Why would allow the third most valuable company in the world us to alter the results of such “obvious” way? Google evolves faster than any virus and has literally tens of thousands of thinking behind heads.

I would highlight today mainly (and very rare as it may seem to SEO ‘traditional’ approach) focus much more on all the part on page and especially in the part concerning the user response. SEO off page yes, but with care and control … like you will have to control dynamite.

Following this myself and tired of seeing people pay for poor quality links recently I wrote a mini guide to learn how to buy links from the most effective way (but do not … you know, Google forbids it and I do not never do);)

8. They still have much weight keywords in domain and links as before?
Domains with keyword accurate or EMD (Exact Match Domain) remain much force when positioning in Google, but be aware that in principle only have preferred to position a “single keyword ‘and a website that aims to be “serious or large” can not live on a keyword.

Something else could be the microniches. The EMD currently remain useful for getting to rank a keyword that can be profitable by nature (“buy phone” / “diet pills”) and then try to monetize all traffic coming through this single keyword.

The links themselves that retain capital importance, although “not always”. Do much good when used know as I said before “as if they were dynamite.” I will give an example to explain this myself.

animalfiel capture
Animalfiel project is a niche site that created Dean and apart from the income generated will, it is also often used to make SEO experiments and publish their findings and conclusions.
I recently spent with links to one of the post of Animalfiel he was trying to position, wearing and about 5-6 and Google had swallowed. At 7-8 he said “so far you’ve come.” At that time my blog for those days (less than a month ago) walked for nearly 3,000 daily visits and up weekly.

After a very aggressive fluctuations keyword that Google was trying to position almost wiped out and after several days making dance in the SERPs (SERP call to search results) began to drop all traffic to my blog. Now is around 2100-2000 and it’s hard not drop more. In short, the line to make mistakes when handling the links is very thin. But they are extremely effective at times.

9. There is much talk of the importance of Google Webmaster Tools to monitor our website. Can also have some other more purely involvement SEO?
One of the best SEO implications which in my opinion can have Google Webmaster Tools is to allow us to increase the CTR of our content and thereby raise the user response from the reader to our blog.

With CTR we mean the value of times people click on our results in Google once it is shown along with other results. This value is expressed as a percentage and is a good indicator of user interest shown by our results.

If we are going to Webmaster Tools, you can access “Search Traffic” and then “Search queries”, then we will click on “home pages” and we can access all the information on the different CTRs with each of our post in the SERP. Our mission is to upload.

If you are interested in topics like blogging, not miss our collection of the best resources for blogs & bloggers
10. To determine the strength of competition, it is common to focus on the authority page (PA). After demonstrated in your battle against Chuiso, would you say that is overrated? What other factors would be as or more important as the PA?
I think the authority is a clearly influential in determining the strength to rank a page over another term, but I think there are as or more important factors that authority such as the development of a comprehensive SEO strategy that combines a fraction of on page and off a small portion of page.

When I fought against Chuiso I was facing a blog at that time did I remember that 22 points of authority than mine and this in terms of MOZ was actually an absolutely insurmountable amount, but then I think that manipulating the CTR (click through rate, click rate) in the SERPS and the use of optimized on a page (only during the first days) content were crucial to winning.

11. In your blog you talked recently of UnComo and spectacular SEO On Page, why this inordinate interest in projects like UnComo?
Basically because I think UnComo is the perfect example that has until today been able to create the man in building large pages that have become monstrously large very quickly mainly through SEO on page.

In this sense I think so far I have not seen anything better than UnComo and one of my obsessions and future aspirations is trying to replicate and enrich part of its strategy of positioning through my network of blogs.

12. Tell us the look on page, in your opinion, the most important and put us examples of how to optimize our personal blogs
Honestly I could not mention one. If we talk about issues on page paramount we would probably go to things like “title”, “the Center” “a good choice of words to attack and categories” etc.

Personally perhaps try to give great importance to be always ready Webmaster Tools to be controlled at all times and our website also seems essential to have a hosting company that provides truly fast accommodation and especially optimized for wordpress personally and as your level of traffic to your site faster.

13. Tell us a simple practice of links that is quick to implement, is without risk of penalty and that demonstrates paste a small jump in results
Link to the competition …;) “How?” Yes, it’s something that sometimes can work and is an easy trick to use. I put a simple example. Recently, my colleague and I were Jony “quarreling” to position the keyword “Raiola”. The thing is that during the first few months I was with a big lead given the greater authority of my blog to Google, but soon he cited in his post mine with a link to which I thought “great, more authority for me! ”

But the immediate effect was that Google almost immediately positioned just below the outcome of mine and something I’ve seen on more than one occasion. Obviously not work in every niche and with all the keywords, but if you bring information that cites sources “reference” is likely to be taken into account very positively by the search engine.

14. And finally, what do you think should be the highest quality of a good SEO?
Learn to negotiate. I try every day to many people and too few who can negotiate well. That is for me the greatest virtue that should have a good SEO, but be careful, always endearing by the other party, ie trading is not synonymous with “scam”. A good SEO needs to be able to propose effective agreements win – win and make things dance like he wants to dance.

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Search Engine Optimization Guide

Optimization for search engines (SEO) is one of the most effective marketing techniques to attract visitors to the site regularly. Many see SEO as a separate strategy, yet it is by integrating its global marketing strategy that the best results are drawn. Here are some ideas to coordinate your efforts and boost your marketing plan through SEO and vice versa.

Create and optimize a blog for SEO

A blog is a source of important content for a company that’s where she can talk about her news, giving advice to his readers, or publish any type of useful content to customers who would not find a place elsewhere.

When making your article level, make sure that your article not only meets the needs of your readers but it has some key terms and phrases used by your prospects looking for your products or services on engines research.

Think also of SEO optimizations, add title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, rewrite URLs, etc. Depending on your articles, you can take the opportunity to make internal links to your offers, a product which you speak, or form, for example. You will be able to attract visitors with an interesting and optimized content for search engines and increase your chances of converting.

Social networks and SEO

SEO and social networks are intertwined, hence the importance of understanding the impact of interactions on the social networks on the positioning on the search engines and vice versa.

When you post or share something on your social accounts, remember that what you post will surely be quickly indexed by search engines and visible directly on them. This content should be related to the interests of the audience you want to reach.

Also, when performing a search on a mark or the name of a company, their most active financial statements generally back in the top search results. So this is one of the first interactions that your prospects will with you, and it could influence their first impression. Social networks as being one of the key factors affecting the positioning, make sure that your content can be easily shared and link it to your social accounts.

The Media and SEO

The press is an excellent means of communication alone but if you combine your efforts and coordinate your SEO and your broadcasts in the press, this will bring you even more. When developing your media communication plan, keep in mind your netlinking and keywords you are targeting.

Coordinating efforts between the different teams, you can vary the anchors and related pages more efficiently, depending on what you choose to highlight and improve your conversions and your SEO. This will help you diversify your links, qualify your SEO and strengthen your positioning.

Refine its strategy netlinking

SEO has changed a lot in recent years, some techniques have become obsolete, even dangerous, and many Phoenix SEO company professionals have had to revise many of their strategies. What has not changed, however, is the importance of a good ranking on the search engines and incorporating SEO in every element of its marketing strategy.

To start refining your strategy, you can start by thoroughly analyze your website and your competitors, to observe what the most successful pages, what strategies have brought more quality links, which pages are more divided social networks, etc. You can then develop an action plan to improve your website and your backlink strategy based on your results.

Optimize content production

One of the best ways to determine what content to produce is to analyze its conversion tunnel and understand every interaction needed to make your prospects satisfied customers. Once you know what your prospects need and want, you can decide to produce the content and form to use, be it an article, computer graphics, video, etc.

Try to base your SEO strategy on research at every stage of your conversion funnel to position your content on these requests and more specifically target your prospects.

Coordinate SEM & SEO

Marketing on search engines, or SEM (Search Engine Marketing), corresponds to the purchase of pay sites on the results of research data. Efforts to obtain a qualified position, both natural and paid, on the search engines should be coordinated to continually optimize your marketing strategy. For example, analyze the results with your paid campaigns to refine keywords SEO targeted and position yourself in the most possible locations on key requests and maximize your visibility and your chances of getting visits. SEO and SEM are highly complementary, and pooling the results for each of them, you can monitor trends and continually optimize your strategies.

Facebook Photos

Facebook Photos

listening_learning_sharingFacebook continues to evolve and now does so by managing your photos. Facebook mobile applications for iOS and Android have deployed a new update for users to create a “story” through their photographs by allowing upload from your phone and directing them as more like.

That really is this update? Facebook will allows users to create photo albums automatically. True, it is not a novelty as networks like Google+ Facebook provide this functionality but adds to the updates to its users. Although for the king of social media functionality that takes me a long time to be available for users, we can not fit you doubt that this will be the first of many changes to come to the platform in the management of the photographs.

sort photos in facebook as if it were a story

Really what you want to achieve the greatest social network is that its users share the photos that capture from your mobile or have stored quickly and easily tidier without access to a computer to manage and arrange them as you like.

When users to use this function can have a preview of how your friends visualize the images being loaded on the platform before publication. Similarly you can assign and give an order to the images so that etas make more sense and according to the user’s biography. To allow the creation of the story will unfold through a photo gallery images uploaded for the user to select for uploading.

The ultimate goal net is seeking an order for users in the photos because the images that are uploaded are not currently classified even in folders. Thus stories attractive images that users be presented simply steps. Although it seems a tool you already know and no surprises many, Facebook profiles presented the highest order and have a better visual impact that motivate users to continue to share the photos of the most memorable moments.

Google Penalty Solutions

Rss XML Feedburner LOGOSolutions to a penalty of Google spend indispensably to identify what has been the reason for the penalty. As we saw in a previous article there are several reasons why your website may have been penalized by search engines. In this article, we will explain what steps to follow to solve as far as possible that penalty over time. Although it is necessary to make clear that it is likely that a website has been penalized for something serious, again not recover all its Page Rank least in a very long time.
Identifying the problem: of course, the first thing is to identify what is the problem with the web. Generally, this should be an easy task for the SEO of a company. If I were the owner of a web penalized first thing you ask the SEO is: what have you been doing ?, what could penalize us? And then fire him, because in the end it’s likely that his actions were the cause of the penalty. But first, it is important to know that Google has penalized the web, or at least have evidence of this.
Hiring a new SEO: We’ve already written about what are the characteristics of a good SEO and what you should know to hire a search engine optimization company, so I will not insist on it. But of course, does not seem very consistent continue working with the SEO has most probably been the cause of your penalty.
Set a roadmap: once we have hired a new SEO and we have explained the situation in which the web is must let the new SEO examine the web and perform an audit, thus, to design a road path where describing the steps that are to be taken to solve the problem or problems. Often, when auditing a web SEO can be found with what looked like a fairly easy problem to solve, eventually becomes more complicated where various problems are intertwined.
Fix the problem or problems: once presented the roadmap and identified problems have to get down to work to work. Go solving the problems one by one. Beginning from within the web and ending with the external aspects that are influencing that penalty.
archseer-eye-of-horus-logo-smallEnsure that there are no more problems: a new SEO conduct a review and a new audit would be best, although I understand that it can be expensive. In any case, it is imperative that your website SEO fix all problems you may have however small. If the reason for the penalty was the purchase of bonds but also had duplicate content, eliminates those purchased links and fix your problems of duplicate content. If your problem is that you had hidden text and also had a hundred broken links, remove the hidden text and fix broken links, etc. All these actions will be of use to you in your next step.
Send a letter for reconsideration in Google: the average waiting time for Google to accept your request is between 1 and 3 months, sometimes a little less. I recommend you to be honest and brief, to explain the whole story from beginning to end composed. The problem that you think you had and the solution you’ve just taken. It is important to understand that these letters were read by people like you and me, so do not be edge or write aimlessly thinking no one will read or will ignore.

Web 2.0

RSS XML IonsWeb 2.0

Help page on the disambiguation Not to be confused with Internet2.

Sensitive mapping of Web 2.0

logo RSS
The term “Web 2.0” refers to all the techniques, features and uses of the World Wide Web that followed the original form of the web1. It relates in particular interfaces allowing users with little technical knowledge to appropriate new features of the web. Internet users can firstly contribute to the exchange of information and interact (share, exchange, etc.) in a simple way, both in content and structure of the pages, and also them including creating the social2 Web. The user is using the tools at its disposal, an active person on the canvas.

Web 2.0 is the evolution of the Web to interactivity through an internal complexity of the technology, but for simplicity of use, technical and computer skills are not essential for the users.

The term “Web 2.0” used by Dale Dougherty (en) in 2003, broadcast by Tim O’Reilly in 2004 and consolidated in 2005 with the position paper “What Is Web 2.0” 3 has emerged from 2007 .

1 Overview
1.1 Origin of the term
2 Technologies
2.1 rich Internet application
RSS 2.2
2.3 Labelling
2.4 Social Tagging, folksonomy
Web 2.5 Protocols
3 Economic Issues
4 term Critic
4.1 Technological content
4.2 A term especially marketing
4.3 Use of a false computer dial
4.4 Pre-Existence of technologies
4.5 Anticipation
5 Enlargement of terminology
5.1 Numbers versions
5.2 Using the 2.0
6 Distinction
7 See also
7.1 Related Articles
7.2 External Links
7.3 Bibliography
8 References
Web 2.0 facilitates interaction between users, crowdsourcing and creating rudimentary social networks that can serve content and exploiting network effects, with or without actual visual rendering and interactive web pages. In this sense, websites act more like 2.0 points of presence, or web portals user-centric rather than traditional websites. The evolution of the media to refer to the websites, their different formats, bring in 2008 focused approach on content rather than on appearance.

The new Web 2.0 templates (in English: template) are trying to bring a chart carefully, effects, remaining compatible with this diversity of media. In Web 2.0, the Internet becomes an actor feeding sites content, such as blogs or collaboratively with wikis and even rigorous type devices citizen science.

2.0 websites allow users to do more than remove the information. By increasing what was already possible with Web 1.0, they provide users with new interfaces and new computer software. Users can now provide information to Web 2.0 sites and have control over some of them.

Origin of the term
The phrase was publicized in August 2004 by Dale Dougherty (in) the company O’Reilly Media during a conversation with Craig Cline of MediaLive (in) to prepare a conference. He suggested that the Web was a period of rebirth or transformation, with a change of paradigms and changing business models. Dougherty gave examples rather than definitions: “DoubleClick was Web 1.0. Google AdSense is Web 2.0. Ofoto (in), it was Web 1.0. Flickr is Web 2.0. “And recruited John Battelle (en). Then, O’Reilly Media, Battelle, and MediaLive launched the first Web 2.0 conference in October 2004. The second annual conference was held in October 2005.

O’Reilly and Battelle-résument4 as follows the key principles of Web 2.0 applications:

the Web as a platform;
data as “implicit knowledge”;
network effects driven by an “architecture of participation” innovation as the assembly of systems and distributed and independent sites;
weight business models pen through syndication of content and services;
the end of the software adoption cycle (“the perpetual beta”).
The infrastructure of Web 2.0 is complex and evolving nature, but it always includes:

server software,
content syndication,
messaging protocols,
navigation standards,
various client applications (plugins, or grafts, non-standard are generally avoided).
These complementary approaches provide Web 2.0 storage capacities, creation and dissemination, as well as serendipity much higher than what was previously expected websites.

A site could be considered as falling within a web 2.0 approach it in a privileged way uses the following techniques:

CSS, semantically valid XHTML markup and microformats;
Technical rich applications such as Ajax;
content aggregation and syndication RSS / Atom;
categorization labeling;
appropriate use of the URL;
REST and XML web services.
Web 2.0 is defined by its content, the move towards Web 2.0 has nothing to do with the evolution of communication standards such as the transition to IPv6.

iPhone-6-InfinityRich Internet application
Main article: Rich Internet Application.
Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, rich Internet application techniques such as AJAX have improved the user experience of applications using a web browser. A web application using AJAX can exchange information between the client and the server to update the content of a web page without refreshing the entire page using the browser. “Web Geospatial” 5 is one of the emerging forms of geographical reorganization of inputs of knowledge through ICT, democratization GPS and sometimes crowdsourcing applied to the citizen mapping (mapping6 citizen), who gave such OpenStreetMap and other scales NASA World Wind and Google Earth and Microsoft Live Local 3D by having environmental, social and economic cernés7 poorly.

Main article: RSS.
The first important move towards Web 2.0 was content syndication, using standardized protocols that allow users to make use of data from a site in another context, from another web site with a browser plugin , or even a separate desktop application. These protocols include RSS, RDF (as in RSS 1.1) and Atom. All are based on the XML language. Specialized protocols such as FOAF and XFN (both for social networking) extend the functionality of the sites and allow users to interact in a decentralized manner. See microformats for more specialized data formats.

This bottom-up trend that many of these protocols become de facto standards rather than standards.

Main article: Keyword.
Tags or labels or keywords improve semantic search, more heuristic and therefore presented in the form of a cloud of keywords in English: Tag cloud.

These labels are small text phrases that describe a concept, are attached to a concept and used to search content (typical examples: a forum, a blog, a blog directory) and, more importantly, interconnect things together. A bit like in a neural network: a label is used, the more the concept attached to the label is present and the longer it takes weight. More labels are present together and attached concepts are interconnected.

The “markers” can include Meta elements (metadata elements).

Social tagging, folksonomy
Main article: Folksonomy.
Labelling allows pre and hierarchical sorting of items sought. The order of the items is either the number of references or a “satisfaction rating” provided by readers. In the latter case, the weighting system is defined by a human factor (the social side) which highlights data or interesting articles in the mass of information. This is typically the case in English blog directories: Social Bookmarking.

Web protocols
Web communication protocols are a key component of Web 2.0 infrastructure. Two main approaches;

REST (Representational State Transfer) indicates a way to exchange and manipulate data by simply using HTTP verbs GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.
SOAP, which involves posting an XML query server comprising a sequence of instructions to execute.
In both cases, access to services are defined by an application programming interface (API). Often, the interface is specific to the server. However, standard web programming interfaces (for example, to post on a blog) emerge. Most, but not all, communications with web services involve a transaction as XML (eXtensible Markup Language).

See also WSDL (Web Services Description Language), a publication of standard web services interfaces.

Economic Issues
After the gains of the new economy, Web 2.0 has enabled the rapid enrichment of a few companies, as was the case during the first broadcast of the Web. And the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, became a billionaire at age 23.

However, some [who?] Were concerned the risk of developing a “bubble 2.0” similar to the first internet bubble. The Techcrunch blog, the first blog of the list A8 even made an article announcing the death of Web 2.0, the tombstone says “2004-2008” 9 (which is also a valuable reference in the difficult year of dating the birth of the Web 2.0). But contrary to what took place for the first Internet bubble, this time the internet activities are not behind the 2008 crisis.

Criticism of the term
Unlike terms like HTML 4.01, indicating a specific technology, or Internet2 (with which it should not be confused and designating a consortium), Web 2.0 has no precise definition by consensus.
The changes he designates not the result of a consultation of the World Wide Web Consortium. Accordingly, interactivity is made by superimposing many layers, so that were abandoned high-level languages that would have enabled a richer web. Some computer regret this anarchy resulting in poor performance.

Benjamin Bayart denounced the fact that the content of Web 2.0 is more centralized by institutions than is possible Internet . Ultimately, it is more of a network spider (web), but star. Derisively, he proposed to call “Minitel 2.0” what the media call web 2011.

Especially a marketing term
The journalists were taken aback by the term “web 2.0” before using their mêmes. They note that many players were Web 2.0 as Monsieur Jourdain spoke prosel before the marketing does not impose this term. This makes the term a buzzword often used improperly.

In summary, the eyes of the computer, the term “Web 2.0” would be at best a generic term for a set of further developments regarding the uses techniques (thus being more of a sociology of computers).

Using a fake computer dial
The “.0” evokes the software version numbers; but the new software versions are announced clearly, which distinguishes them from previous ones, so that the existence of Web 2.0 is an observation post. While terms like “participatory Web” clearly identify a use, the use of a number can evoke a standard (which is not the case at all, as opposed, for example, or IPv6 Internet2 – especially the web 2.0 is not from a recommendation of the World Wide Web Consortium).
The “.0” can give an accurate impression of the release, while on the contrary that means the web 2.0 is still quite vague, different experts do not always agree on the classification of a service.

Preexisting technologies
Another criticism is that attributed to the new “Web 2.0” are based on technologies and concepts of “web 1.0”. Thus, examples of Web 2.0 services (see above) are entirely contained in the original web.

The term Web 2.0 has led to the use of web 1.0 and web 1.5 rétronymes to refer to previous methods the web. According to the definitions used, an Internet forum is classified as Generation 1.5 or 2.0. However, not only the forums have existed in the early days of the web, usenet, but existed before the web.

Many of the ideas of Web 2.0 have been used on well before the term websites are used., for example, allowed users to write reviews and since its inception consumer guides, and opened its API to third party developers in 2002. Conversely, when a site proclaims “Web 2.0” because that it uses trivial features such as blogs or degraded, it is often more of an attempt to promote a true exploitation of the ideas of Web 2.0.

There are a few examples still stronger than the Amazon, the content generated by users is only peripheral to the site content:

the Dmoz directory, launched in 1998, the entire content is generated by users.
news agency Indymedia operates in open publishing since its creation in 1999.
Enlargement of the terminology
Version numbers
After the appearance of the term “Web 2.0”, a nomenclature appeared to describe the present, the past and the future of the Web. Uses presented here are not necessarily the only ones. In addition, for certain numbers uses are very rare (e.g. Web 2.1).

Numbers existing versions
Details Name Status
Already deployed Web 0.0 ironic expression meaning the development phase preceding the actual existence of Web14, the fact that some people do not have Internet.15 or an announcement effect without contenu16.
Web 0.5 joking term used to describe a website using outdated methods, or internet services deployed without really ripe (especially Web by Mobile17 telephony).
Web Static Web 1.0
Web 1.5 dynamic Web
Web participatory Web 2.0, social and collective intelligence. Concept proposed by Tim O’Reilly in 20053.
Web 2.1 Web 2.0 made it easier to accès18,19; expression is mostly a reflection on improvements to Web 2.0 in the near future.
Web 2.5 For some, means the Web turned into a platform for applications ligne20. Also used by the company for its Expression Criteo smart filtering method contenu21 (Web 2.0 being seen as the contribution of content without discrimination of participants).
Web-oriented Web 2.0 2.B for trade; see also business and marketing 2.0 2.0
Ongoing development Web² (Squared) The Web as an information ecosystem. Concept proposed by Tim O’Reilly (and John Battelle) 22 as an intermediate step between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. The choice of “²” (square) means that the web development must be seen as a constant acceleration, not a linear phenomenon. General circulation “Squared” even français23.
Web 3.0 expression meaning the next major evolution of the Web. Expected as the sémantique24 Web or Web data; others think it will be the Web3D. Finally in 2011 Web.3.0 also means the P2P Web from one computer to another without server (25) (26).
Web3d 3D websites; supported by the Web3D Consortium
Web 4.0 For Nova Spivack, Radar Networks boss, means the WebOS, the ability to work with tools only ligne27.
For Joël de Rosnay and Seth Godin28,29, means the symbiotic web, used continuously; without challenging the relevance of this division, Olivier Ertzscheid think that Web 4.0 will precede the 3030 Web.

Bloggers humorously published articles on what they believe the Web n.031 or use as the name of site32, or simply to mock ads improvements from one version to the other quite identiques33. A start-up announced in a press release parody his “discovery” of the Web 5034. The organizers of a conference on Web 3.0 in April 2007 notaient that search engines were at that time many answers even for the term “Web 9.0.” 35

Nicholas Carr imagined for its part the evolution of Web 1.0 to Web 5.0 by making the progression towards a world-technologique36 against utopia.

In a drawing satirizing Web 2.01, François showed Cointe offering Google Web infty.0 (of course the “.0” is not used with the symbol of infinity); on the same drawing, a pipe bore the inscription “Web 2.0”, and he went a 2.0 bubble.

Symmetrically, below 1 numbers are used to discuss the development of the Web. Thus in the MIT thesis, the term “Web 0.2” is used to designate the first sites, and “Web .9” for dating sites just before the onset of numérique37 economy.

Using the 2.0
The use of the “.0” was widely used by allusion. In particular, there is the suffix “2.0” attached to any XXX concept. In most cases, the concept XXX 2.0 does not necessarily mean a “major update” (the greatest transformation since its creation, since we are at number 2) XXX concept but use of web 2.0 part of the XXX concept. A non-exhaustive list of expressions emerged for acceptance include:

2.0 Administration
Bank 2.0
Business 2.0
CEFR or CEF 2.0 2.0 38
2.0 economy
Enterprise 2.0 (Knowledge Management 2.0)
Government 2.0
HR 2.0
Learning 2.0
marketing 2.0
2.0 Medicine
media 2.0
2.0 organization
2.0 Forum
2.0 violence
evil 2.0
injustice 2.0
2.0 pamphlet

But there are also uses that have nothing to do with Web 2.0 itself, and just use the fashionable terminology. A distant example of the original domain is the use of “Depression 2.0” on the cover of Time39 to discuss the 2008 financial crisis.

December 25, 2006, Time Magazine selected users as person of the year 2006. Since 1927 (when the magazine awarded the first title of Personality of the Year), it is the eighth time that the personality of the year is not an exceptional one in particular recognized by the editorial staff of Time but a group of people. The magazine wanted to pay tribute to the multitude of anonymous Internet users who took control of information on the web through web 2.0 backlink building services applications.