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PPC Management Services & Google AdWords allows you to create PPC campaigns on search network graphical ads on the Google Display Network campaigns as well as videos on YouTube.
Although a large potential can be found in the advertising power of Google AdWords, mastery of the tool is essential for good results. In order to best meet the needs of its customers, the Agency 404 offers audit services and AdWords account management, as well as advice for professionals wishing coaching for internal management.

Well-managed AdWords expert campaigns allow you to: adwords budget
Target your potential customers on Google
Increase the visibility of your site
Acquire qualified prospects
Generate sales online
Control your advertising investment costs
For creating an AdWords account, a promotional coupon 75 $advertising budget is offered.
AdWords campaign management to be efficient and effective, requires time and experience. This is often incompatible with the management of your own business every day, so it is often best to call in an expert resource dedicated to this task.
The benefits of Google Adwords Specialists
A single contact for a personalized efficient
Tests performed continuously providing practical know-how
Full transparency on the actions performed on your account
We limit our portfolio to ensure high responsiveness
Our expertise in PPC, SEO and CRO allow us to advise you to optimize your landing pages and your conversion rate’
AdWords account audit
To carry out the audit of your account, an AdWords Agency expert analysis of many 404 points. Nevertheless, it is necessary to go through a critical stage: flattening your advertising goals in a telephone interview. It is important not to overlook aspects “Communication” and “Marketing” in favor of more technical aspects that are unique to our business. That is why the contact with our customers is essential to achieving a good audit, taking into consideration your marketing strategy.

When we understand the objective or objectives you want to meet with your advertising, your AdWords account is scrutinized. This involves firstly an analysis of the existing and checking the settings of your campaigns. The aim is to ensure that they are consistent with the advertising strategy you want to adopt. This is also an opportunity to judge the effectiveness of your account structure.

After analyzing these bases, our AdWords expert reviews targeting your campaigns. The choice of keywords and match type used, locations and their method of selection, all of which we observe in order to validate their effectiveness and completeness. The goal here is to check if you hit your target well and if you do not tune in poor quality traffic.

Finally, the expert will examine your ads and judge their relevance, in particular by responding to such questions:
– The ads are they attractive and adapted to the needs of users they target?
– Do you use any ad optimization tips to you?
– Have you chosen the right landing pages?
The study of your account also requires reflection on features and tracks of development you have not yet exploited.

The audit of AdWords Agency 404 to be comprehensive, so we will not hesitate to suggest you to use the most effective tools in optimizing your campaigns. Thus, conversion tracking, using Google Analytics or remarketing are among the areas of development that we can direct you. We will obviously willing to assist you in setting them up if you ever made a wish.
Manage your AdWords campaigns

Campaigns on the Google Search Network
In order to target users you want to reach, we define the keywords that allow you to reach the top positions of Google’s search engine. The structured hierarchy of your campaign will allow us to adjust your daily auction of keywords for perfect control of your budget and thus maximize profitability. Our team implements continuous improvement on your ads in order to maximize the impact and the traffic they generate.
In accordance with good organization AdWords account, we make sure to provide a sound structure for your campaigns benefit from the highest possible quality.
Campaigns on the Display Network sites
Besides the sponsored links on the search network, we manage your graphics advertising campaign on the Content Network Google Display so that you can benefit from an advantageous visibility on high traffic sites and popularity.
In an increase in your revenue goal, we optimize the conversion tunnel leading to the act of purchase if you have an e-commerce platform.
We provide management and systematic follow-up as part of lead generation to your site (quote requests, information forms, participation in a contest, site registrations, etc

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