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“Think about what your client writes in the search bar. “

Matt Cutts, Google

Phoenix SEO Company: The best Phoenix SEO Company of your site in different search engines is essential for your customers you can find among the vast sea of competition that is the Internet. When we talk about SEO, it is important to make clear the differences between organic methods and pay, in addition to clarify some of the myths surrounding this practice.

As I mentioned earlier when talking about Internet advertising, there are two general methods to place your website in the top search results on search engines like Google. The first is Pay Per Click (PPC), which involves paying the search engines-Google, Yahoo !, Bing, etc. to put a post marked as such in their search results.

The second method is organic rankings SEO (Search Engine Optimization), on which your website is positioned at the top naturally, without pay Google or display marked as advertising.

Keep in mind that the decision to use PPC Company Management or Phoenix SEO, or a combination of both-depends entirely on Internet marketing strategy for your business. However, it is important to note that organic Rankings always attract more traffic to your website, because it is almost 9 times more likely that a customer clicks on a naturally positioned result (SEO) that one marked as ad (PPC).

Of course, the trick is knowing how to make good SEO, because not everyone knows how to use the right tools. Keep in mind that an SEO performed incorrectly not only help position the website of your company, it may even harm it and hide it from the back pages of results.
What are the main factors for a good organic Rankings?

There are several factors that influence the (positive or negative) rank your website on different search engines. To achieve good Phoenix SEO rankings is very important to understand the weight search engines give to each of these factors, so that they can be optimized to make your site climb in the results.

The following are just some of the many factors that Google and other search engines count toward SERP results.

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Use keyword or keywords is essential to position your website according to what users are looking for. Think about the first thing a potential customer would type in the search engine when looking for your product or service.

Updated content: Google assigns highly ranked sites that are kept updated with relevant information high value. Generate valuable content for your users.

External links to your pages: When an external website shares a link to your site, Google notes and qualifies as a relevant page. Obviously, the more people link to your page, you’ll better Rankings on search engines.
Why Google?

If you’ve decided on a strategy of SEO, it makes sense that most of your efforts focus on Google. Why? Very simple: today, Google dominates by far the market for search engines with about 70% of the global pie, although this figure may reach 90% in some countries.

When talking about online advertising in Arizona, Google also dominates the market with 80%. Even more impressive is that 98% of searches from mobile devices are made on Google. For this reason, the other search engines are following many of the guidelines that your Phoenix SEO Consultant for Google will follow as a basic guide for all companies.

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