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One of the many lessons I’ve learned about blogging, and creating websites in general, is that moment when the site author learns to do some SEO agency done right is a before and after in his career.

It was not coincidence that the top two eBooks that I have posted on this site for free download, you teach to do SEO in conditions from scratch.

Incidentally, if you are interested, you can download it from the right sidebar đŸ™‚


This being so, what better to complement the basics you tell in the book with an overview of the state of art in the world SEO hand of one of the most SEO experts recommend following in the book and it’s Dean Romero. I first met Dean through your blog, Blogger 3.0, and then in person at Quondos since both are stewards of this community of professional training in SEO and online marketing.

Dean is a young blogger and in that sense, precisely one of the things that attracted the most attention it is the pace and force that has positioned itself in the Hispanic blogosphere and will continue in 2015. As shown a button:

Dean has achieved in a period of less than two years a network of blogs with more than 120,000 visitors a month.
He has found work through their publications. During this period he has managed to work from home as a professional in the industry and gaining a more than decent and comfortable way thanks to blogging and SEO salary.
He has managed to establish good relate to many prominent figures among the most influential Spanish panorama online marketing.
Works at what she likes and feels made in their work. Rises every day wanting to advance your online business and your blog Blogger3.0
All this has been achieved in just over a year. How he says, “before he was the best person you can imagine 1.0”.
Well, something must have done well and therefore will not be others see what we can tell, is not it?

So now I roll over and I leave you with the interview đŸ™‚

1. What impact do at least the best SEO agency (on page) in a blog?
I would say quite remarkable impact and even more when we refer to on page. Having properly configured our page and write the contents to a standard editorial on page has a much higher relevance to many people today think.

Much of the professionals in this sector are still obsessed with links, but these are not the only factor, not even crucial, to get views. Here we have the example of UnComo to prove it. Some guys in a little over two years based on a elaboradĂ­sima Seo strategy on Page have made a blog network of more than 2 million visits per month.

2. Considering the above, then you think that SEO should be one of the top priorities of a blogger?
I think more than understood as a “priority” Go ahead style of content and form of writing the blogger himself, should be understood as a natural part of the whole blog. Since configure permalinks well until we define long tail keywords will focus each content.

Also because of this same one thing that every time I see most is that many people still wondering which in my opinion is already beginning to be quite obsolete, “Writing for users or search engine?”. In modern SEO increasingly are concepts that tend to be the same. A bestial user response (because content is spectacular) ensures good part of SEO search engine as well.

3. What famous phrase from famous bloggers that SEO is not necessary, that quality content is the best SEO?
I think now Google tries to go in this direction, but in most niches is still far from reality. For example, for a tech blog marketing or be impossible to rank keywords with some substance if completely neglect both on page SEO off page as it relates to aspects off the page as links pointing to it, etc.

capture blogger3cero
Blogger 3.0, the “headquarters” of Dean where it has very interesting things about SEO and blogging.
This expression only has value precisely by those who preach, ie by influencer own since their contents are now accompanied by a huge user response, social networks, recurrent visits and their own visibility as online characters is what ultimately guarantees (or at least help) largely positioning of its contents.

But starting a blog network without at least meganichos SEO on page (the latter of whom liked to Google), it could be argued that only someone who does not really know SEO.

4. Do you consider affordable for a non-expert to learn SEO you need in 2015?
I guess it’s like everything and like any profession there are levels. You can apply simple practices and long term will bring positive results (for which you need a degree of basic knowledge and be easy) or you can also position a keyword mega half million global searches with a relatively small blog and win a torrent of traffic in a few days (which in this case obviously need a higher level a little).

But, learning the basics is easy if you wear. And learn more advanced concepts already is less so, but still just as viable if you know where to go to read.

Then come join a community of 10,000 subscribers!

You’ll receive exclusive content for subscribers + a free copy of this book of techniques and tricks to make your compelling content.

I want it!
5. Can you make a mini-checklist of the tasks that is a basic SEO work for a blogger?
The following might be a list of elementary actions to detect a niche and then some others to try to optimize the most basic elements of the page

Find niche. First, we must find themes that have the best “search / competition” relationship.
The searches can be done via the free keyword tools like Google planner.
To analyze the competition one of the best indicators is to use the Mozbar, a free extension for your browser that MOZ offers you free via this link.
How to assess competition with Mozbar, consisting essentially click on the blue button to be installed in your browser and appreciate the values of PA (Page Autorithy) and DA (Domain Authority) competition. There is no standard, I can look at this: DA> 30 is hard to beat.
Once selected niche should proceed with the basic page optimization. Use a title on the cover we want to use as a primary keyword, make sure our Urls are friendly (style:, send the sitemap to Google and make the first content for the page.
Given the extent of this point can extend the configuration information on page page through self Seo ebook published in this blog.
6. And some slightly more advanced tricks that you apply?
Great, here we go. These are some of the ways through which I usually find keywords

Start by assessing the strength / authority blog where I’m writing (you can watch it with the plugin MOZ).
Unless authority is my blog should be more long tail keywords that attacked and vice versa. A strong blog can attack shorter words.
Being clear about this, a good idea may be to select 2 or 3 competitors and check that they have blogs with similar or lower than our force and analyze your pages through Semrush tool (here you can see how).
There will then be possible: if the strength of our opponents is quite inferior to ours, then, usually, can attack all or nearly all positioned keywords, ie write articles on the same topics.
Conversely if our opponent has used very similar to our strength so we have to do is go for their more long tail keywords (longer titles), but also in short will report traffic.
After we wrote like them more and better, and above all, we apply this process “mass”. Many people think that to find a word or two in Semrush automatically is always going to position themselves better and gain traffic. You have to use lists of at least 20 or 30 words “stolen” to get some position as really want.
For your hosting we recommend Hostgator or Webempresa.
Discount Coupons (-25%), comparative and our customer experience here.
7. Can you summarize how SEO was done in 2010, how it has changed since then and what is important today and for the medium term (2015)?
Before (though I have not lived that time of SEO, I’ve only read about it), you could position yourself extremely quickly based on obtaining hundreds of links and burning a keyword without mercy. As a result, blog directories and similar pages started to become so popular in the blogosphere, but now it has evolved considerably and worst of all, it certainly still has to evolve much more.

Now some of the things that still work very well in SEO for example are the Tiers, the concept of Tier Link Building (in the link provided perfectly explained), which should add that I am not an expert in the practical field , but I’ve come to see real nonsense based on these pyramids links. Well, as I was saying I think this now works, but it is likely that in the future not.

Why would allow the third most valuable company in the world us to alter the results of such “obvious” way? Google evolves faster than any virus and has literally tens of thousands of thinking behind heads.

I would highlight today mainly (and very rare as it may seem to SEO ‘traditional’ approach) focus much more on all the part on page and especially in the part concerning the user response. SEO off page yes, but with care and control … like you will have to control dynamite.

Following this myself and tired of seeing people pay for poor quality links recently I wrote a mini guide to learn how to buy links from the most effective way (but do not … you know, Google forbids it and I do not never do);)

8. They still have much weight keywords in domain and links as before?
Domains with keyword accurate or EMD (Exact Match Domain) remain much force when positioning in Google, but be aware that in principle only have preferred to position a “single keyword ‘and a website that aims to be “serious or large” can not live on a keyword.

Something else could be the microniches. The EMD currently remain useful for getting to rank a keyword that can be profitable by nature (“buy phone” / “diet pills”) and then try to monetize all traffic coming through this single keyword.

The links themselves that retain capital importance, although “not always”. Do much good when used know as I said before “as if they were dynamite.” I will give an example to explain this myself.

animalfiel capture
Animalfiel project is a niche site that created Dean and apart from the income generated will, it is also often used to make SEO experiments and publish their findings and conclusions.
I recently spent with links to one of the post of Animalfiel he was trying to position, wearing and about 5-6 and Google had swallowed. At 7-8 he said “so far you’ve come.” At that time my blog for those days (less than a month ago) walked for nearly 3,000 daily visits and up weekly.

After a very aggressive fluctuations keyword that Google was trying to position almost wiped out and after several days making dance in the SERPs (SERP call to search results) began to drop all traffic to my blog. Now is around 2100-2000 and it’s hard not drop more. In short, the line to make mistakes when handling the links is very thin. But they are extremely effective at times.

9. There is much talk of the importance of Google Webmaster Tools to monitor our website. Can also have some other more purely involvement SEO?
One of the best SEO implications which in my opinion can have Google Webmaster Tools is to allow us to increase the CTR of our content and thereby raise the user response from the reader to our blog.

With CTR we mean the value of times people click on our results in Google once it is shown along with other results. This value is expressed as a percentage and is a good indicator of user interest shown by our results.

If we are going to Webmaster Tools, you can access “Search Traffic” and then “Search queries”, then we will click on “home pages” and we can access all the information on the different CTRs with each of our post in the SERP. Our mission is to upload.

If you are interested in topics like blogging, not miss our collection of the best resources for blogs & bloggers
10. To determine the strength of competition, it is common to focus on the authority page (PA). After demonstrated in your battle against Chuiso, would you say that is overrated? What other factors would be as or more important as the PA?
I think the authority is a clearly influential in determining the strength to rank a page over another term, but I think there are as or more important factors that authority such as the development of a comprehensive SEO strategy that combines a fraction of on page and off a small portion of page.

When I fought against Chuiso I was facing a blog at that time did I remember that 22 points of authority than mine and this in terms of MOZ was actually an absolutely insurmountable amount, but then I think that manipulating the CTR (click through rate, click rate) in the SERPS and the use of optimized on a page (only during the first days) content were crucial to winning.

11. In your blog you talked recently of UnComo and spectacular SEO On Page, why this inordinate interest in projects like UnComo?
Basically because I think UnComo is the perfect example that has until today been able to create the man in building large pages that have become monstrously large very quickly mainly through SEO on page.

In this sense I think so far I have not seen anything better than UnComo and one of my obsessions and future aspirations is trying to replicate and enrich part of its strategy of positioning through my network of blogs.

12. Tell us the look on page, in your opinion, the most important and put us examples of how to optimize our personal blogs
Honestly I could not mention one. If we talk about issues on page paramount we would probably go to things like “title”, “the Center” “a good choice of words to attack and categories” etc.

Personally perhaps try to give great importance to be always ready Webmaster Tools to be controlled at all times and our website also seems essential to have a hosting company that provides truly fast accommodation and especially optimized for wordpress personally and as your level of traffic to your site faster.

13. Tell us a simple practice of links that is quick to implement, is without risk of penalty and that demonstrates paste a small jump in results
Link to the competition …;) “How?” Yes, it’s something that sometimes can work and is an easy trick to use. I put a simple example. Recently, my colleague and I were Jony “quarreling” to position the keyword “Raiola”. The thing is that during the first few months I was with a big lead given the greater authority of my blog to Google, but soon he cited in his post mine with a link to which I thought “great, more authority for me! ”

But the immediate effect was that Google almost immediately positioned just below the outcome of mine and something I’ve seen on more than one occasion. Obviously not work in every niche and with all the keywords, but if you bring information that cites sources “reference” is likely to be taken into account very positively by the search engine.

14. And finally, what do you think should be the highest quality of a good SEO?
Learn to negotiate. I try every day to many people and too few who can negotiate well. That is for me the greatest virtue that should have a good SEO, but be careful, always endearing by the other party, ie trading is not synonymous with “scam”. A good SEO needs to be able to propose effective agreements win – win and make things dance like he wants to dance.

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