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Facebook Photos

listening_learning_sharingFacebook continues to evolve and now does so by managing your photos. Facebook mobile applications for iOS and Android have deployed a new update for users to create a “story” through their photographs by allowing upload from your phone and directing them as more like.

That really is this update? Facebook will allows users to create photo albums automatically. True, it is not a novelty as networks like Google+ Facebook provide this functionality but adds to the updates to its users. Although for the king of social media functionality that takes me a long time to be available for users, we can not fit you doubt that this will be the first of many changes to come to the platform in the management of the photographs.

sort photos in facebook as if it were a story

Really what you want to achieve the greatest social network is that its users share the photos that capture from your mobile or have stored quickly and easily tidier without access to a computer to manage and arrange them as you like.

When users to use this function can have a preview of how your friends visualize the images being loaded on the platform before publication. Similarly you can assign and give an order to the images so that etas make more sense and according to the user’s biography. To allow the creation of the story will unfold through a photo gallery images uploaded for the user to select for uploading.

The ultimate goal net is seeking an order for users in the photos because the images that are uploaded are not currently classified even in folders. Thus stories attractive images that users be presented simply steps. Although it seems a tool you already know and no surprises many, Facebook profiles presented the highest order and have a better visual impact that motivate users to continue to share the photos of the most memorable moments.

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