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What is the impact of social media in general, and in view of the visibility of your website? The social media have become a fact of daily life.

We use Facebook flocking to maintain contact with friends, Twitter exploded during newsworthy events or TV shows without LinkedIn seems no longer possible to book business success. Instagram offers us a visual overview of everything that concerns us and through other social media, we have the opportunity to share almost everything what we are experiencing.

Regarding the visibility of your website Google is the only one who knows exactly how big the influence of social media is something that they will not share with the public. We can only guess himself, though it seems that the influence in recent years has increased significantly. Pages that have lots of likes on Facebook, which many tweets are sent via LinkedIn or recommended score generally a lot better than pages that remain totally unnoticed within the social media.

Recommendations by friends
Let’s go back to the time before the social media, or even the time before we made massive use of the Internet. We gave friends and family recommendations on certain companies where we had good experiences, to ensure that they could have their cars repaired, or they could go in search of some furniture. It was these very valuable recommendations that were experienced in many of the cases, in addition to the information that friends and family could request by contacting the companies themselves and asking them for example for the possibilities.

Today we have access to the Internet and social media, causing a number of things have changed. You can share a page via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media to friends and family to show that you’re talking about the service, or you have encountered an interesting article. In fact it still works the same as before, though we do it digitally. It is in that respect not surprising that the impact of social media in addition to link building is quite large, now Google manages to include this in the algorithm that determines the location of specific pages within the search engine.

Various social media
We now use various social media, which is important to go after as a website or company which there are interesting for you. For example if you mainly active in the consumer market? Then it’s a good idea to make use of Facebook. Consumers are generally active all here, giving you the opportunity to reach a large portion of your audience. In addition, you can offer good customer service through Facebook, or you have the opportunity to find out what visitors to your website or products.

Focus on the other hand more on the business market? Keep in mind the impact of, for example LinkedIn, because here business contacts are made. Twitter also can play an important role, as the buzz out there about articles and pages created largely responsible for a good position in the search results. Try to convince visitors at the end of an article to share a page, allowing the user to speak at their friends, family and colleagues, and the chances are that you can improve your visibility.

Valuable pages
Google is always looking for the most valuable pages on the Internet, which as high as possible to present within the search results. Google hereby looks at more than 200 different factors (the complete algorithm), but takes into account inter alia the social media. At the time many users of the Internet to mark a certain page as interesting by sharing this, chances are high that other visitors will also have something to. Google may be the value of a page as it were measured, by examining who prepares this (Google Author) and how many users then share it.

Place in articles always known buttons Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, in addition to any other social media that you seem interesting. In particular, Google+ is an additional choice where you can use, since Google this very emphatically used to influence the results. Are you able to make a popular page in Google+? Then the chances are that it will be approved and therefore further popularity can win. Also with a shop, it is very interesting to make use of social media, for example, to share some products and purchases.

Share messages online self that you think they add value to according to your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account and try to encourage your visitors to do the same. Write content that your visitors actually have some, for example by giving them tips that prefer to keep secret other providers or where they themselves may not be aware of. You take care of it that way that you can make positive use of the impact of social media, such as Google which in recent years has made a lot bigger.

Earlier, Google came Authorware just past, this is a relatively new system that uses Google, to ascribe some good content authors more value. This Google rank Author is associated with a Google+ profile, so it is also interesting to make use of it. It basically means that a large number of shared items provides a good writer in Google’s eyes, creating new articles then get a better rating. Do not underestimate the impact of social media and not make include using Google+ to be found as well as possible in the search engine.

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