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Facebook Advertising Strategies

Top of the day, everyone. Josh here with another 2 minute video. Today’s video is about our alumni reconnect program for Facebook. Let’s set the stage. Kevin and his friends at Social University had the ultimate school spirit, and immersed themselves in everything that University culture offered. Well, it’s time for Kevin to graduate and replace his Social U sweatshirt and pajama bottoms for a suit and new bowtie. As Kevin moves into the real world, he focuses on new things. His career, meeting new people, finding that someone special, and maybe even kids.

Social U prepared Kevin for a successful entry into the next phase of his life, but he’s grown apart from his college buddies, and his alma mater. How do we get Kevin reconnected to foster that same level of excitement about Social U that he had as a student? The answer’s easy. It’s the alumni reconnect program from My Supermarketer. Our alumni reconnect program is simply designed to locate your alumni and get them connected with your school through Facebook advertising, email, mobile, and anywhere else they’re paying attention.

Our process is aligned with the social presence theory, where we use marketing to rebuild the relationship and gather new information about your alumni’s current lifestyle, such as their contact information, things they remember the most about college, what they’re up to now, and other psychographic insights that allow you to continue the conversation on a relevant level. Our reconnect program makes it easy and convenient for your alumni to engage with your communications, and allows them to access on the platforms they prefer.

As our lead nurture process continues to engage and reconnect your alumni, opportunities for new relationships develop, such as event attendance, alumni association membership, and donations. We capture, engage, nurture, and convert from Google Adwords PPC Management and Phoenix SEO Company Services. Are you ready to start capturing and engaging your alumni through Facebook? Give us a call. We can help get you reconnected.

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