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top-seo-companyWhen it comes to Instagram, the frequency of your posts should be guided by the size of your community. A small brand who’s followers are mostly located in the same geographical area should aim for one to two posts a day, so as not to inundate their community’s feed. If you company has followers all over the world, you should play around with the frequency and timing of your posts to reach different followers at different times.
When you have a large number of photos to share at once, like from an event your company has hosted, it’s a good idea to combine multiple photos into one post to avoid overwhelming your followers.

A number of third party apps are available to build photo collages. Another option is to create a video of static images as a visual photo album. You can share between three to 15 seconds worth of video content per post, which is a great way to diversify what you share with your followers.

Using a branded hashtag in your posts is an effective way of curating user-generated content. Additionally, make sure the regularly search Instagram for mentions of your brand to see where you’ve been hashtagged. Using hashtags relative to your business niche is a great way to grow your network, especially as you’re starting out. If you’re a juice company you can use hashtags such as #Greenjuice, #Health, and #Eatingwell to attract attention from people who are interested in those topics. A good rule of thumb is to research hashtags’ popularity before you start composing your post. It’s also best to keep the number of hashtags in your posts under five to make sure your captions can be easily read.

If you’re a brick and mortar local SEO Phoenix business, check your geolocation for photos taken in your shop that may not have been tagged with your name. You can also use a hashtag for your neighborhood to let your presence be known to anyone who’s using Instagram to explore the area. Consider participating in popular Instagram such as Throwback Thursdays to give users a glimpse into the history of your business. This is a great way to show a personable side of your brand and engage with an already active community topic.

Lastly, the character limit for photo captions on Instagram is generous. This provides an opportunity to tell a great story alongside your photo and provide your audience with better context and insight into a particular topic. For example, as a juice company you can profile different superfoods in informative, long-form posts, and become a source of advice to your followers.

In summary, start with posting one to two images per day, and very your frequency to see how it affects audience engagement. Use videos to diversify the content you share. Search Instagram for mentions of your brand, and your branded hashtag to build a bank of curated content to share with your followers. Research industry-related hashtags to add to your images and vary photo caption length to engage your audience with long-form, high-value posts.

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