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general contractor on siteLet’s gets grounded in the philosophy behind social marketing and its use to drive more business to your store.

If a new customer came into your store chances are you’d bend over backwards to welcome them, help them find what they’re looking for and invite them to come back soon, and ideally you’d also build a conversational rapport that reflects your company’s core values, that will make them feel comfortable shopping with you. That’s social presence.

In 1976, way before social networks, the Internet, and even home computers, three smart guys named John Short, Ederyn Williams and Bruce Christie theorized the impact of social presence and the way we connect with one another. This philosophy is an important perspective to consider when talking to your audience through your marketing efforts, especially since we’re all now socially connected on the Internet.

Simply put, the social presence theory is the ability to use non-personal communication, marketing, to create and foster a relationship just like when two people, a company representative and a customer, were in the store together talking and forging a relationship with one another, the conversations guided by your customer’s questions, reactions and expressions. The higher the level of social presence, the more trust and depth of understanding each party has with one another, and this translates into loyal customers.

What if you could take that same personable face-to-face interaction that occurs every day in your store and funnel that same level of trust and likability across hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of people? Well, you can using social marketing where we’re able to effectively capture, engage, nurture and ultimally convert your fans into loyal customers with an intrinsic connection to your brand.

Ready to learn more about how we use social marketing to build relationships with waves of fans who are interested in your products and services and then drive them to your store as paying customers?

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