What is a search engine optimization campaign?

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seo-reviewsThen in 1997, Google was launched, had its creators can not believe this is the most popular search engine would be the world. In the years that followed there was strengthened its market position such that it has become virtually unthinkable to see the release of the online “arena”. Through the development of search engine optimization agency strategy techniques such as SEA and SEO is gripped by Google in the online landscape stronger than ever.
Search marketing
What is SEA?
SEA, or search engine advertising is an online marketing technique. Fee is your ad on a specific spot to the screen. This is often next to or above the list of natural (organic) search results. It is easily identified by the word “Advertisement” or “Adv.” (In a yellow plane). The core of SEA can be summarized as “pay per click”. Every time a web visitor clicks on your ad, an amount will be charged for. The amount of this fee is strongly dependent on the competition. As it is, in advance, it is impossible to estimate exactly how many “clicks” it will go, you know not what the total cost of your ad will be. Of course you can set a maximum budget, but it still remains the question of how many referrals you get in return.
What is SEO?
seo-consultingUnlike SEA is the selection of an online marketing campaign based Phoenix SEO Company basically free. With some technical adjustments will be placed on your website higher in the ranking of Google search results. This sounds simple, but it’s not natural. For a successful SEO campaign you indeed have specific knowledge and skills required. For example it is important to select the right keywords (based on a keyword research), (to) write texts according SEO rules and to place these texts online with the right technical specifications (such as meta tags). If you do this all by yourself, it costs you nothing. But since this specialized knowledge often be purchased from SEO specialists, there is indeed a cost. The big advantage is that you can define the cost of your campaign so you can determine in advance what it will cost you.
Getting Started
Depending on your budget, your product or service, your audience, and finally your competitiveness in the market, you can work out a search engine optimization campaign. There are plenty of firms and freelancers who offer a complete package for SEO and / or SEA. Discuss with them the opportunities to achieve the most successful approach, at the best price.

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